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Common Misconceptions About The Little Gym


Based on the questions asked when people are inquiring about The Little Gym, we find that there are a few common misconceptions about our offerings, such as:

MISCONCEPTION: "My child is too young for The Little Gym."

REALITY: The truth is: we begin at age 4 months and go all the way up to 12 years old! Your child is NOT too young. It might be a bit more difficult to bring your child when they are young (and get through the difficult first few classes), but the reality is that most learning and development is done at the very young ages. We are set up to handle the very young ages, and many, many parents tell us they are in awe of what we can do with children when they were skeptical before coming. We have long-time members who, when they started, their child cried for their first 12 weeks before they got comfortable! Some children just take a bit longer to separate. And that’s OK.

MISCONCEPTION: “We tried The Little Gym and my (1-2yr old) didn’t like it.”

REALITY: Really? Just because an infant or toddler cried a little or seemed a bit uncomfortable on day #1, do you really think it is fair to conclude that they “didn’t like it”? The truth is that a large percentage of children are uncomfortable on their first day of anything. Let’s get them out of their comfort zone and set up for a little growth and development! We are with you all the way through the uncomfortable parts. A little “pain” is ok for a ton of gain!

MISCONCEPTION: "They don't teach real gymnastics."

REALITY: Well, if by 'real' gymnastics, you mean yelling at kids, multiple practices per week, expecting them to be perfect, criticizing their body's size or shape, exorbitant demands on Mom & Dad's and family time, a gym that smells like dirty feet, etc. ... then, no, we're not 'real gymnastics.' However, we do follow USAG guidelines regarding skills, spotting techniques, progressions & regressions - just like the Olympians! We also have all of the real equipment! We just happen to teach in a non-competitive, clean, colorful, non-threatening environment that celebrates each child's accomplishments, and try to have a ton of fun along the way. We use gymnastics as a tool to develop the child; gymnastics in itself is NOT our end goal! Our ultimate goal is to grow confidence & self-esteem, and no one does that any better than The Little Gym.

MISCONCEPTION: "You have to commit to, like, an entire year or something like that."

REALITY: What?! Who told you that?? You can stay enrolled for as long or as little as you want. There are no contracts to sign or anything like that. Although our curriculum and 40 week season PARALLEL & COMPLIMENT what kids learn in school, you can drop out at any time. The summer session is only 9 weeks long. But, trust us – once you start and “get” what we are doing with your child, you won’t drop out! The longer your child is enrolled for, the greater chance your child will have of learning new skills and strengthening the old skills! However, enrolling for smaller time frames allows you maximum flexibility if you aren't able to commit due to other schedule or budget conflicts. Our tuition is flexible in that you can choose to pay in monthly installments, 4 payments, 2 payments or all at once up front.

Would you like to sign up for a class or try out an introductory class? All you have to do is call, email or stop by and we'll get your child into a developmentally appropriate class and begin having some Serious FUN together! We'll see you soon!

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