Sports Prep

Get your child ready for tip off, kick off, or the first pitch, while paving the way for a lifetime of positive sports experiences. Our trained coaches run drills and simulated games for many popular sports including soccer, baseball, basketball, football, hockey and golf with an emphasis on teamwork and sportsman- (and woman!) ship. And thatʼs a home run in any parentʼs playbook.

Ages 3-6

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Mini Jacks
Mini Jacks

This hour-long class teaches the fundamentals of most major sports. Your child will learn to throw, catch, run, hit, pass and shoot—all while developing an understanding of cooperation, teamwork and positive attitude.


Three Dimensional Learning

At The Little Gym of Little Rock, our Sports Skills classes nurture your child in every dimension of their development. See the benefits of this class below!

Get Moving

Get Moving!

Hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, agility, strength

Brain Boost

Brain Boost

Understanding complex games, listening skills

Citizen Kid

Citizen Kid

Teamwork, sportsmanship, expressing emotions

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