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Bugs & Bugs Boost Program (4-10 months)


e know what you're thinking: My baby can't even crawl yet, so why should we go to a gym? Well, there's a lot going on inside those tinyheads. Everything that's absorbed at this age lays the groundwork for overall functional development. The Little Gym Bugs program, for babies 4-10 months, promotes early social and physical development and provides a fun space for you to share in the excitement (and exhaustion) with other parents.

The Bugs program includes two classes a week: a 45 minute Bugs class and a 30 minute Bugs Boost class that allows you to "Get Moving" too! The Bugs Boost classes are full of fun exercises for both parent and baby that add to the weekly Gym experience. 


- Bugs class is held on Wednesday, 11:15am-12:00pm

- Bugs Boost class is held on Sunday 11:15am-11:45am

Call us at 818-249-4496 to learn more!

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