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Funny Bugs, Developmental Milestones

Funny Bugs are three to four years old and are now in class all by themselves!  This takes "Get Moving" to a whole new level.  Although they may stumble and fall a lot, they will jump, run, and gallop for what seems like an eternity.  They will attempt to walk on the high balance beam by themselves, and can forward roll and monkey jump/cartwheel without help by the age of four.  A Funny Bug's brain is a logical one and the "Brain Boost" is seen through negotiation skills, calm and logical instruction.  High pressure situations might make them shy or even anxious.  They love to pretend and to use their imaginations, and have a longer attention span than their Super Beast selves.  Funny Bugs will make their own choices (good or not so good); they will cry, they will hit, they will push, but they will also laugh, hug, and take turns.  They are "Citizen Kids", but need guidance to grow.  They may become shy and will seek your approval in many situations.  They might prefer to play alone, or have an imaginary friend.

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