Kindermusikat The Little Gym

Get ready to shake, rattle, and roll, Frederick families! Involvement in music education at a young age is proven to help build social and emotional skills, language and literacy skills, and physical skills, too! That’s why we’ve teamed up with the world’s leading provider of music and movement programs to invite your child to sing, dance, and learn with Kindermusik® at The Little Gym!

Ages 0-5

Pricing: Tuition plans starting at $26.40 per class

0 mo 7 y
Class Name Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Family Class
Family Class

This 45-minute multi-aged class opens the door for growth in social, emotional and physical skills! Filled with music making, dancing & story time, this class will generate ideas for music exploration, play, and together-time fun at home.

Move & Groove
Move & Groove

This 45-minute music and movement class helps to promote language development, social and emotional skills, early math and literacy, physical coordination, creativity and so much more!


Three Dimensional Learning

At The Little Gym of Frederick, our Kindermusik® at The Little Gym classes nurture your child in every dimension of their development. See the benefits of this class below!

Get Moving

Get Moving!

Rhythm, balance, motor skills

Brain Boost

Brain Boost

Pitch development, listening, focus

Citizen Kid

Citizen Kid

Self-esteem, friendship, parent/child bonding

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Come join us to make new friends, learn new things and build self-confidence in a super fun, supportive environment.


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