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Sign Ups!

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With sign ups for the next session quickly approaching, we wanted to ensure everyone was on the same page!

Important dates to keep in mind:
April 4, 2022 - Currently Enrolled Members May Enroll | Call, text, or stop in
April 11, 2022 - Members May Enroll | Call, text, or stop in
April 18, 2022 - General Enrollment Begins (Online Enrollment Also Begins) | Call, text, stop in, or enroll online (for classes)

Check out the 'schedules' portion of the website (start date 5/30/22)!

NOTE: Enrollment will be occurring for both camps and classes!


PLEASE NOTE: We’ve built the schedule for the summer based upon the assumption that we will have the staff to fully support the schedule and make sure we give each child the full energy and attention they deserve. That said, we know that staffing remains a challenge for everyone. As such, we are scheduling with the expectation that we will have the right staff in place to support the schedule. However, if we are not able to bring in the right talent, we will have to selectively reduce the number of classes offered in order to maintain the high-quality instruction you’ve come to expect.

If there is a situation where a currently planned class cannot be staffed, we will delay the start of that class until such time as we have that/those positions filled. During the time of delay, anyone who has signed up for the class will have access to any other available class openings. In the case that there are no openings available, we will place your enrollment on hold until such time as the appropriate staff is brought in. Your place will be held and you will not lose your position relative to the wait list. Should that situation arise, we will let you know one month before the start of the class. 

We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this period!

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