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Swing Into Spring!

SwingIntoSpring, GetMoving

The first day of spring is approaching on March 20th. Check out these 4 spring-themed activities to help your family celebrate the change of the seasons (and keep your kids busy)!

  1. Paint with nature. Head to the great outdoors and help your child find nature items that can be used as a paintbrush (think: flowers, leaves, tree branches, rocks, tall grass, pine cones, etc). Then, have some messy, nature-inspired fun painting with your child’s favorite-colored paints.
  2. Embark on a spring-themed scavenger hunt. Compose a list of things that nature brings in spring time and head outside to collect those items. 
  3. Head outside and blow bubblesBlowing bubbles is a simple, fun way to strengthen fine and gross motor skills, eye tracking skills, and much more! Make it even more exciting by making your own homemade bubbles
  4. Make your own bird feederWelcome a flock of feathered friends to your backyard with your own DIY bird feeder. Check out these instructions for utilizing items you have on hand at home.
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