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Updated Procedures At The Little Gym of Eagle/Meridian

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Dear The Little Gym Members and Friends, 

Thank you once again for your continued support! As we have shared before, the health, wellness, and safety of your family is our number one priority, now and always. We are following the CDC (Center for Disease Control), Federal, State, and Local Guidelines to ensure that The Little Gym is the cleanest, safest place for all families to Get Moving and have Serious Fun!

We are excited to share that following all necessary guidelines and procedures, we will be re-opening our doors and hearts to our community on Monday, May 18th (as we progress forward to Stage 2 of Idaho Rebounds)! We will be taking the proper cleaning and disinfecting measures (if you missed that blog post, click here for the low-down!) and will also be implementing temporary social distancing guidelines in all our programs to ensure that The Little Gym of Eagle/Meridian is a safe place for all families. Please take a moment to review some of the temporary changes that we will be making.

  1. Lobby: We have made a few temporary changes to our lobby to help support social distancing, these include: markers on our floors to help parents and kids remain 6-feet apart, sparse seating, and the removal of toys to limit close contact with others.
  2. Entering and Exiting: We have red/green signs on our doors to let families know when it is time for Serious Fun! We ask that The Little Gym families enter the facility once the entrance sign is green, and do not remain in the building more than 5-minutes post class to ensure that our team can properly clean and disinfect our facility before the next class. We will also be temporarily implementing a one-way entrance and exit of the building, these will both be clearly marked.
  3. In class: Under the recommendation from the CDC we will be limiting the number of children and parents in each class to adhere to Social Distancing Guidelines. Please remember, this is temporary and will change as the CDC, Federal, State, and Local Government puts new guidelines in place. For Parent/Child classes we will have 8 families and 1 instructor, please note this only allows 1 adult per child in the gym (no siblings, unless enrolled in class). For PreK classes we'll have 8 students and 2 instructors. For Grade School classes we'll have 9 students and 1 instructor.
  4. Drinking water: We encourage all students to bring a full, clearly labeled water bottle to class.
  5. Air 5’s: Rather than our traditional high-five, we will be limiting contact with Air 5’s, Jazz Hands, or another fun, contact-less, way to celebrate your child’s accomplishments in class.

We know that some of our members may make the decision to continue to social distance and remain away from public areas over the course of the next few weeks and we understand and respect that decision. No matter what you decide, we will ensure that your family will still have a means to move, learn and have fun! We will continue to offer our live, interactive, The Little Gym at Home virtual private lessons through May 15th to help your family get their wiggles out while at home. If you haven’t had a chance to schedule your class yet, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You'll also want to catch our LIVE Open House on Facebook, Friday, May 15th at 1pm to give you and your child a visual of the updated procedures before entering the facility yourselves! We look forward to seeing you and your child’s smiling face in the gym again soon!

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