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January 2020 Practice Time | Lego® Duplo® Let’s Build Let’s Play Experience Schedule

PracticeMakesProgress, ProgressDirect, FineMotorFun

Start 2020 strong with these extra practice sessions for your kiddo!

Weʼve all heard the old adage “practice makes perfect.” Here at The Little Gym, however, we believe itʼs more important that “practice makes progress.” Practice Time is a member benefit that provides students with a structured and supervised period to practice the essential gymnastics they're learning in class each week. (And best of all, itʼs FREE!)

With every session spent at The Little Gym, your child is gaining confidence and refining skills. And with Practice Time, the path to progress just got a little more direct.

Since space is limited, be sure to schedule your child’s spot prior to attendance! Call 208-938-6185 or text 208-608-5319. We'll see you there!

Oh, and remember, Mid Season Routine Week is happening the week of January 6th during your child's regularly scheduled class, so be sure to invite the Grandparents and Uncle Steve, and remember those cameras to capture the adorably proud moments!

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