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At The Little Gym of Danvers, we specialize in unique educational classes that revolve around active play.

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December 25, 2020

Hello Members, Friends and Guests of The Little Gym

Thank you for being a part of The Little Gym family.
The health, wellness and comfort level of your family i a top priority for us, now and always.  We are thrilled to share the great news that we have been reopened since mid-June, and now offer group classes, private lessons, and online classes too, along with private playdates, camps, and more!

If you haven’t signed up yet, please call or text so we can help you save your spot, or you can register online (for many of the programs we offer.)

We have implemented enhanced cleaning, sanitization, and disinfecting procedures in addition to social distancing measures to ensure that members, friends and our staff feel as comfortable as possible when visiting The Little Gym.  These are all consistent with the recommendations from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts for safe reopening, the CDC, and The Little Gym International.  It's a great balance of ensuring safety, while also being practical and making sure the children have fun, learn, and stay safe.

We hope you'll return soon for classes, camps, private lessons, or private playdates here at The Little Gym.

Here are the top 10 reasons people have returned for safe SeriousFun here at The Little Gym:


Following the instructions from state and local government along with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) we have implemented many measure sto ensure our whole facility is disinfected to make it extra fresh and clean.  Our staff has been trained on our new systems of cleaning and disinfecting.  We know that many families already recognize The Little Gym as the cleanest place you bring your child, and now more than ever it is our goal to maintain that for you. 

Social Distancing

We have made many temporary changes to support social distancing.  The lobby has been adjusted to have limited seating, distanced apart, for your safety and comfort. 
Masks (or face coverings) are required for adults in the building.  For children over age 2, they should be word when arriving/departing, and they are encouraged (but not required) to be worn during gym activities. Our policy about wearing masks will be consistent with the guidance from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and may change as the state moves through the various “phases” of the COVID19 Pandemic.

Entering and Exiting

We ask that families do not enter the facility more than 5 minutes prior to their scheduled class and do not remain in the building more than 5 minutes post class to ensure that our team can properly clean and disinfect the facility before the next class.  We will also continue to have designated enter and exit doors for the gym.  We have adjusted our class schedule to allow for 15 minute gaps to minimize lobby congestion (and allow for the enhanced disinfection).

Class sizes are also reduced, consistent with state guidelines, to adhere to state social distancing guidelines.

During classes we will encourage students (and parents) to maintain 6 feet between them and other students.  We will also use more “individual equipment” such as rhythm sticks, hoops, bean bags etc. which will be disinfected after each use. 

Drinking Water

We encourage all students to bring a clearly labeled water bottle for their use.  We have closed our drinking fountain in the gym, for the time being.

Camps and Lunch Bunch

Looking for a great drop off activity for your child? If you are in need of a fun and safe drop off program for your child this holiday break we have the solution! Our Kids' Quest Super Camps are the perfect blend of gymnastics and group activities.  Each camp is 2 hours long, and there’s always a “Lunch Bunch” for food/crafts/stories before and/or after camp.  Most families “bundle” these together, so their children can come for 3 or 5 hours.  Each week the children enjoy a new theme.  Registration is flexible and you may sign up for as many or as few days as you like.Camp during 2020 will follow the newly mandated guidelines from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Groups will have a maximum of 10 children and will remain with the same staff throughout their camp “day”. The 1 hour “Lunch Bunches” are an hour (or 70 minutes) to eat a lunch (brought from home, nut free please), do a craft, and have fun with your friends in our multipurpose room telling stories, coloring, and more.  Camp and lunch bunch “packs” and “passes” are available, in quantities from one to fifty!

Whichever program you choose, The Little Gym has something for you!

Thank you again for continuing to support us.  We assure you that we are taking all necessary measured highlighted by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), along with Massachusetts and local government guidelines to ensure that The Little Gym is the cleanest place for all families and team members.

It is also very important to us to provide a sense of normalcy, fun and freedom for the children.  We are ready and excited to be that place for you and your family.  Thank you for your anticipated cooperation in being patient and helpful when it comes to social distancing. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out.  Thank you again for your continued support.  This has been a trying time in all of our lives and we are ready to do our part to help the children thrive physically, socially and emotionally.


Maureen and Al Ruthazer along with the rest of the team at The Little Gym of Danvers

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