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10/10 August 13, 2016

Wonderful instructor

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10/10 August 2, 2016


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8/10 June 27, 2016


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10/10 June 27, 2016

I love the instructors Ashley and Justine 😊😊😊 I like how dedicated they are to the development of my baby :)

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7/10 June 14, 2016

No comment provided.

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10/10 June 12, 2016

There is a wonderful balance between structured learning and free exploration of the gym. Ms. Justine is attentive, fun and encouraging without allowing the little ones to be intimidated by learning the skills. We look forward to every Monday morning.

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10/10 June 7, 2016

There are specific skills the children learn that are different at each class. Then the Open Sessions, the instructors reinforce the skills learned in class to help the children become better.

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10/10 June 5, 2016

I love how structured yet free and laid back the lessons are each week and that the teachers are so enthusiastic about it and remember every kid by name

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10/10 June 3, 2016

fun, clean, friendly staff, parking

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10/10 June 3, 2016

the staff, fun, clean, viewing room, parking

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10/10 June 1, 2016

Classes are fun and I can't believe how much my son can do now thanks to the Little Gym!

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10/10 May 21, 2016

Our son LOVES Miss Ashley. He is eager to see her each week. We also clearly see development in his skills and social interactions as a result of his time in class.

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10/10 May 6, 2016

Miss Justine! The activities are fun, different, age appropriate and quick so the kids don't loose their attention.

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9/10 April 20, 2016

I like the opportunity for my little one (18 mos) to explore and gain confidence in trying new skills. My children learn physical skills that I would not even have thought to do with them on my own. My older child (4 yrs) has been coming since he was an infant. I've seen the progression in capabilities and confidence in him with the parent-child classes. Now in the preschool classes, he is not only learning new physical skills, but he is also gaining more "school-like" experience by socializing with other children, following directions, listening to his teachers, cooperating, etc- all in an environment he enjoys.

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10/10 March 14, 2016

Teaching new skills and birthday party.

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