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7/10 July 19, 2017

I would prefer to start the class with doing an activity rather than all sitting in a circle trying to interact at first. It is hard for the children to focus when they first get in there, really at all. The parachute is a good idea, maybe build on that without trying to follow the voice on the tape at the beginning of class.

10/10 July 18, 2017

The people!! Taylor is the best!! Sad she doesnt teach Sundays at 10:30 :(

9/10 June 10, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 June 9, 2017

The people!!! They make all the difference!

10/10 June 5, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 25, 2017

My 2 1/2-year-old daughter is enrolled in the Super Beasts and she loves it, I am able to participate with her which made her more comfortable in the class. She absolutely loves the class and gets excited when we pull into the parking lot.

9/10 May 10, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 6, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 3, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 1, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 1, 2017

No comment provided.

9/10 April 14, 2017

Local to me. Large, bright space. Variety of Activity spots. The class isn't too over booked. Great space and enthusiastic, kind teachers. Like the combination of following instructions and free play. Safe. Areas for improvement could be: More climbing frames, ladder up the wall etc. Run a indoor soccer playtime class/ ball control catching, throwing etc... and let me be the first to sign up! :)

10/10 April 9, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 March 31, 2017

Non-competitive and self-esteem building. I love how they also learn about things like manners, chores and the environment.

10/10 March 30, 2017

No comment provided.

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