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Fall Activities for Kids, The Little Gym of Ashburn

Routines… does your family have them?  Whether it’s a morning routine, meal time routine or weekly routine – routines can help make things easier for parents, caregivers, and kids too!

  1. With routines, transitions (both big and small) become more fluid. When you implement a routine into your child’s daily schedule, they are able to anticipate what will happen next which provides them with a sense of security, confidence, and control.
  2. Routines help to foster responsibility and independence. From brushing their teeth in the morning to taking off their shoes before each class at The Little Gym, simple daily routines will help your child gain a sense of independence and determination.
  3. Routines help to teach cooperation. When your child knows what to expect, there is less wiggle room for power struggles, temper tantrums, and breakdowns.

So whether it’s time for your child’s bed time story or their weekly class at The Little Gym of Ashburn, having routines will help your child now and in the future.

Let The Little Gym of Ashburn play a positive role in your child’s weekly routine! A new Season starts in just a few weeks on August 28th.  Check out the schedule and find a time that works best for your family's schedule.

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