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5 tips for getting the most out of online classes at The Little Gym


We are so glad that you are joining us online and hope that by watching and DOING the activities taught in the videos in real time, will help you and your family get through this challenging time. For those of you families who already attend classes at the gym, we want your kids to enjoy seeing a familiar face by using some of their favorite, fun teachers that they normally see on a weekly basis. Here are 5 tips to help you and your child gain the most from their digital class experience:


  1. Praise the Positive! EVERYTHING your child is doing while doing At Home videos is AWESOME! There are no wrong answers here. Try and create a totally “safe space” for them to enjoy moving their bodies and having fun while exercising.
  2. Be specific in your positivity. Instead of just saying: “Great Job!” Be specific about what was great, about their job. As an example, our instructors like to say: “I love how you…...jumped high or ran so fast around the couch or whatever it  is they did well”. Do your best to praise your child using specific action language.
  3. Never say, “but what you did wrong is….” This is because it negates all the nice things you just told them they did right! No matter how old you are, having all your mistakes pointed out is not a good feeling. Therefore, if you have to correct something due to safety reasons, soften the blow by making your constructive criticism sound like an Oreo. What do I mean by an Oreo? In the gym, our instructors like to say: “I love how you….(whatever they did well), next time try to….(what they need to correct, keep your arms straight or not bump into the couch, or whatever), but keep on doing….(whatever they did well). In short, we
     use “The Oreo Method”: Good. Correction. Good. The Oreo Method works well with other discipline issues too.
  4. If you really want your child to try something, YOU show them first. Our videos are great, but there is something to be said about having a 3-D model in front of you when learning physical skills. Be the best role model that you possibly can.
  5. This last point may seem obvious, but let them have as much space as is possible in your home, with soft edges for less ouchies. Also, do your best not to squelch the fun every 5 seconds with a, “Ooh! Be careful! Watch that!” Let them be a crazy wild kid for 20 minutes. We want them to sleep well at night just as I’m sure you do.


We can’t wait to see you back in the gym in person just as soon as it’s safe. In the mean time, having you join us on these At Home videos whenever you can, is the next best thing. Have fun and if you think of it, let us know how you are using these 5
tips with your online classes at The Little Gym.

Shoot us an email or find us on Facebook or Instagram. We love seeing the videos of your kiddos doing our class videos!

Happy Handstands.

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