We’ve got lots of fun planned for the Spring and Summer! Here’s the run down of what’s going on:

Parents’ Survival Night: It’s like recess for Mom and Dad.
Dates: March 16, April 6 and 20, May 4 and 18, June 1 and 15, July 6 and 20. 6pm-10pm

Cost: Members - $18 for the first child, $12 for additional siblings.  Non-Members - $22 for the first Child, $15 for additional siblings.

Description: Instructors lead kids through organized games, activities, and crafts and supervise free-play time.  Later in the evening, we settle down in our sleeping bags and pjs for a G-Rated movie.  Ages 3 to 10 (must be potty trained).
Click Here to register for Parents' Survival Nights.

Priority Enrollment for Summer
Dates: March 3-17
Cost:  When you enroll in priority enrollment for Summer, you can pay for the session in full ($180) for 10% savings,  or you can pay the first of two installments of $99.50.  If you need to renew your yearly membership fee, it’s $35. 
Description: Priority enrollment is exclusively for current members.  It gives you first pick from class times, and you’ll also receive 200 bonus Member Milestones points for registering early.
Call 501.225.5437 or stop by for priority enrollment.
Spring Break Camp: Super Safari!
Dates: March 19-22. 9am-12pm
Note: Regular Classes will NOT be held this week.

Cost: Members - $25 per day.  Non-Members - $30 per day. 10% sibling discount.

Description: Our non-competitive, skill-building camps provide children an opportunity for fitness, fun, and total development. You can enroll for whichever days best fit your schedule. Theme-oriented activities and games for ages 3 to 10 (must be potty trained).
Click Here to see the Spring Break Camp schedule.

Summer Semester Classes
Dates:  June 9-August 24
Note: No class the week of June 30-July 6, but summer camp will be in session that week.

Cost: One payment of $180 (10% savings) or two payments of $99.50 each.  If you would like to enroll your child for more than one class, the 2nd class is 50% off.

Description: Our Summer session is 10 weeks of enrichment of the skills that we’ve worked on through the school year session. Summer is also a great time to try a new type of class like sports skills, dance, or karate.
Click Here to see the Summer Semester Class schedule

Summer Camps
Dates: June 11 – August 23 Mon.-Thurs., 9am-12pm

Cost: Members - $25 per day.  Non-Members - $30 per day. 10% sibling discount.

Description: Our non-competitive, skill-building camps provide children an opportunity for fitness, fun, and total development. You can enroll for whichever days best fit your schedule. Each week has a different theme with activities and games for ages 3 to 10 (must be potty trained). Weekly themes are:

  • June 11 – Cars, Planes, Trucks & Trains
  • June 18 – X-treme Sports of ALL Sorts
  • June 25 – Superheroes!
  • July 2 – Legends, Fables, and Folklore
  • July 9 – Lights, Camera, Action
  • July 16 – Secret Agent: “Gyms Bond”!
  • July 23 – Hip-Hop Karate Chop!
  • July 30 – My Animal Planet
  • August 6 – The Little Gym Olympics
  • August 13 – Barnyard Bonanza
  • August 20 – Sky Rangers!

Click Here to see our Summer Camp schedule.

Our Parent and Child classes are often the first organized class experience that families with infants and toddlers have. Stepping into a new space with new faces and activities can be a bit overwhelming for both you and your child. But, when you add in an instructor who is asking your baby to try new things and be independent, that can make you as the parent even more apprehensive! We want you and your little one to relax and enjoy your time at The Little Gym, so we thought we’d answer some common questions about our Parent and Child classes.

  • Why would I do gymnastics with my baby/toddler?
    Our Parent and Child classes are designed to foster your child’s development. Skills like rolling and hanging upside down help build confidence and balance, as well as inner-ear development. Parent and Child classes are designed to have a mix of structured activities which develop specific skills, attention span, and focus, with free-play time which encourages independence, curiosity, and socializing.You’re there to help create a level of comfort and familiarity for your child, and so that you can learn about and reinforce all these skills at home
  • Why do you play with musical instruments in the gym?
    Music has been scientifically proven to help young children develop in the following ways: Improves neurological and psychological health Strengthens motor skills and coordination Encourages creativity Improves stress reduction and relaxation Stimulates right-brain activity and sensory stimulation Plus, it’s fun! In addition to the musical instruments, we also listen to music during our classes, sing songs, and dance! If you want to learn more about how music benefits toddlers, see this article: http://www.brighthub.com/education/early-childhood/articles/65018.aspx

  • What if my child gets bored?
    Our Parent and Child classes are 45 minutes long, and we include free play time between our structured activities to allow your little one to explore at their own pace. We do have some repetition in our activities because it helps build muscle memory and is a good learning method for infants and toddlers, but we also change some of our class activities each week. We also re-arrange the gym equipment on a regular basis to create new play spaces to explore
  • Why do the kids go barefoot in the gym?
    We have our infants and toddlers (and all the other classes too) go barefoot in the gym for two main reasons. First, it’s much safer. Socks can be slippery on our floor mats and equipment, but bare feet are nice and grippy! Second, going barefoot gives our littlest gymnasts the opportunity to feel the different surfaces with their feet and learn how to move from one surface to another without a break in balance or momentum.
  • You see lots of kids in the gym each day. What about germs?
    We do see lots of kids every day, so we work hard to keep our gym clean. We pay special attention to the equipment that most often ends up in little mouths, like the musical instruments, bars, and the tall foam props. We also have “magic soap” (aka antibacterial gel) in the restrooms and at the door to the gym. We ask that parents keep kids who are coughing or running a fever at home. That’s what our make up classes are for!

As always, you are welcome to come in for a free Parent and Child class at The Little Gym. Visit our website to schedule your preview class. We think you’ll find that it’s the best thing going for the two-and-under crowd!

We know that when it comes to choosing enrichment activities for your kids, there are lots of options. You’re likely weighing these major factors: Is it affordable? Will it hold my child’s interest? Will it help them develop skills they can use? It’s a lot to think about, for sure. So, here’s an in-depth look at our answers to those questions.
Is it affordable?
Many youth programs require you to get on an auto-draft program or require the full payment for a block of classes up front. Then, there’s equipment and uniforms to purchase. At The Little Gym, there’s none of that! We offer you the option to pay for your child’s classes the way that suits you best. You can pay for an entire season in full, or you can opt for quarterly or monthly payments. We do have an auto-draft program, but you can choose to pay with whatever method works best for you. Plus, none of our programs require you to purchase any type of uniform, shoes, or equipment.
The per-class price for extra-curricular activities here in Little Rock tends to range from $15-$20. So, if you miss a class because your child is sick or you’re out of town, you lose that money. The Little Gym allows you to make up classes you have to miss.
And finally, you’ll actually be EARNING a little something when you enroll in classes at The Little Gym – Member Milestone Points! You can use the points you earn to cash in on tuition, special programs like Parents’ Survival Nights and summer camps, and more.
Will it hold my child’s interest?
The Little Gym’s programs are non-competitive, so the focus is on having fun and building self-confidence in every child we work with. And, it’s not JUST gymnastics. We also offer programs that expose kids to sports skills, karate, and dance in a setting that provides both structured learning opportunities and self-led exploration.
Will it help them develop skills they can use?
The Little Gym utilizes a curriculum based on 3-dimensional Learning: Get Moving!, Brain Boost!, and Citizen Kid!
Structured lesson plans are designed within these three categories and are delivered in 2-4 week learning units that have specific desired outcomes. We work with each child in our programs to build confidence & self-esteem by teaching skills in a progression that is tailored to each child’s potential.
We mix organized activities with self-directed learning to keep kids happy and entertained while they learn. Our little gymnasts get a well-rounded experience as they learn physical skills, develop thought processes, and gain social skills.
At The Little Gym of Little Rock, when we say, “Serious Fun,” we mean it!

First, the biggest news: The Little Gym of Little Rock has new owners! Miss Erin and Miss Leah now not only run the place, they OWN it!  They are excited to work with all the parents and children who make The Little Gym of Little Rock so fantastic and are looking forward to making some long-awaited improvements.  The best benefit of all - you can interact directly with your gym owners, whom you already know and love.

Second, Parent Survival Night is January 20th.  Kids ages 3 and up who are potty trained can join us from 6pm to 10pm for fun and games in the gym, crafts, and a "slumber party".  Feel free to bring your sleeping bags and comfy PJs! Members get a discount, and non-members are welcome too, but book early because these fun nights can fill quickly.

Third, we've got a fun deal going on. Many of you like to follow up your class at The Little Gym with a visit to Tropical Smoothie Cafe, right?  Well, now through January 31st, you can get 10% off your purchase at Tropical Smoothie at Kanis and Bowman.  Just let them know you are a member at The Little Gym, and you're all set.

And Finally, we are getting ready to start the second half of our school-year season.  The second half officially starts January 14th. Spread the word to your friends - when you refer a friend, you'll earn 100 Member Milestone points, which you can cash in on classes, camps, birthday parties, pro-shop items, and more.

We look forward to seeing you at The Little Gym of Little Rock in 2012!