Summer Class and Camp enrollment begins Monday, March 30th. During that first week when you enroll, not only will you be able to take advantage of some stellar savings (listed below), but you'll also be helping a local family! 5% of all of the proceeds for summer enrollments between Monday, March 30th and Saturday, April 4th will go to the Zach Ingersoll Education Trust!

Some of the savings are:

When you enroll for classes on Monday, March 30th you will receive a $20 savings on class tuition! Enroll Tuesday, March 31st-Saturday, April 4th and receive $10 off class tuition!

Call 938-6185 or stop in!

Amazing Parents,


The following class times for the 2014-2015 Season are either

close to full, or already full!

Be sure to save your spot before the Season begins and the classes fill up!


Monday Sporty Beasts – 9:30am

Monday Funny Bugs – 11:00am

Monday Jazzy Bugs – 11:30am

Monday Flips/Hot Shots – 7:00pm

Tuesday Funny Bugs/Giggle Worms – 10:15am

Tuesday Giggle Worms – 2:15pm

Wednesday Funny Bugs – 11:15am

Wednesday Flips – 4:30pm

Wednesday Giggle Worms/Good Friends – 6:30pm

Thursday Twisters/Aerials* - 4:15pm

Thursday Flips/Hot Shots – 5:15pm


*skill assessment required



Check out the "Schedules" tab to reserve your child's Season class time today!

Looking to have your child's next Birthday at The Little Gym? Well, we could go on and on about why we think our parties are great, but we thought it might mean a bit more coming from our customers!
"The Little Gym does an amazing job of hosting a birthday party. They were very attentive before the party to make sure I had all my questions answered plus making sure I had just what I want on my invitations that were received timely. I love that there is free time mixed in with organized play. The organized play made me feel like I got my money's worth. All of the staff are so friendly and I felt that they really wanted to make our birthday bash special. They were very helpful with accomodating my request to get addresses and anything else I asked for. Thanks Little Gym!" - Sarah B.
"The Little Gym was so friendly and easy to work with. They catered to all our needs and did all the hard work for us. On top of all that, they threw the most fun and entertaining birthday party for my little one! It was an amazing party!"
- Jessica B.
"The service was exceptional! The staff were excellent, friendly, and attentive to every detail. The activities were perfectly appropriate for our group and the kids had a great time. We loved the private use of the gym and feel that of all the birthday party venues we have used over the years, the Little Gym is our favorite!" - Amy K.
"It is a great experience. You have a private party and all the help you need. The kids have an amazing time and no one is left out. The staff is excellent!" - Jennifer S.
"I love that the Little Gym has all party goers playing together in organized games...not just running around in the same building in the name of a party. I literally just showed up with the kiddo and the cake. They all had a blast and I had zero clean up to do!" - Marji N.
Wondering what Members of The Little Gym of Eagle/Meridian have to say about us? Check it out, actual feedback from our customers can be found here:
Hooray for Hip Hop at The Little Gym! Our new Hip Hop program is a great opportunity to allow children to explore creative freestyle dance moves and expressions. Our 4-6 year old Hip Hoppers are exposed to specific moves as well as combinations of moves based off of jazz and Hip Hop styles. They are also encouraged to choreograph and interpret their own dance moves! Hip Hoppers is now offered Mondays at 1:15pm at The Little Gym of Eagle/Meridian! Enroll today under Schedules-Classes-Dance The Little Gym Way! Hip Hop Hooray!

Meaningful learning is about the journey, not the destination. This year, that journey will be even clearer with The Little Gym’s new Victory Skill Growth Tracker!

The Victory Skill Growth Tracker allows instructors to document your child’s progress throughout the Season. As your child conquers new challenges and gains new levels of confidence, we’ll keep you informed so we can celebrate all of their victories together! At the end of each Learning Unit, you will receive an email detailing what your child has learned. We’re excited to share:

     The areas of focus for the most recent Learning Unit

     The skills your child worked on and their personal victories

From “Continental Cartwheels” to “Cooperation Station,” each themed, multi-week Learning Unit will lead to a natural progression of skills, helping your child grow into a well-rounded, well-adjusted super kid! Whether it’s your preschooler’s first unassisted forward roll or the first time your grade-schooler demonstrates teamwork, each one is a victory worth celebrating. And we can’t wait to celebrate with you every step of the way!

The new Season has begun! Call today to enroll!

Myth Debunking 1. My child is too young We hear it all the time. “My child’s too young for The Little Gym.” In general, we work with children from 4 months – 12 years. Often, people think that gymnastics for a one year old or younger is hocus pocus, and I understand that myth. The fact of the matter is – the younger the better. From a physical, cognitive, and social perspective, there is so much that we can do at a young age. We can act as a catalyst and position the children to be exposed to more, at a younger age. 2. My child’s too old! I am not going to lie; we do not have many 12 year olds enrolled, but we have a ton of 7, 8, 9, and 10 year olds! Last Season our grade school class on Wednesday and Thursday was completely full. Our approach is much different than a competitive gym. Our goal is to grow physical skills, but make it fun for the kids. We have had children do back tucks off the beam, round offs, back handsprings, and fly-aways on the bars. If gymnastics is not your child’s high school and college future, join us, it’ll be more fun! 3. It’s fun, but not REAL gymnastics … This one really gets us! If it’s not real gymnastics then what is it, fake gymnastics? I once had a parent leave the gym for a competitive gym because she thought the kids learned more. She told me her daughter learned a cartwheel much faster at the new place. I asked the mom how many times a week she attended at the new gym and she told me four times a week. She attended with us only one day a week. So there you have it. She learned a cartwheel faster because she attended more. The mom said, “Huh! You’re right! Plus attending four times a week is costing a fortune!” 4. Gymnastics is for girls … Well, this might have been true in the 1920’s, but it is 2013! We utilize gymnastics as a vehicle to enhance balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, agility, fine motor, gross motor, and much more. I’d say that can be beneficial in just about any sport! Plus, we offer additional programs such as sports skills and karate. In sports skills we work on a different sport each week, get their feet wet in rules, and expose them to different sports. 5. My child’s starting preschool/kindergarten in the fall, we don’t want to overwhelm them Let me first say, I get that 100%. It is rational, makes sense, very logical, but there is more to it than just that. When children move, start school, have a baby brother or sister, it’s important that they have something in their life that is consistent, it aids in the transition. Parent’s biggest complaint when their children start something new like school is that their world has turned upside down and there are struggles. Most of those struggles stem from being uprooted and planted in something they have no familiarity with. In one extreme case, we had a family move to Texas. They said it was a crazy transition, but their son did not miss even one week of class. There was a The Little Gym close to where they lived and they said it was a life saver. Look to The Little Gym as a security blanket. It will be a comfort in transition, and always put a smile on their face.
My children were fortunate enough to "grow up" at The Little Gym of Eagle/Meridian. I always knew the program allowed my kids to flourish and build skills and confidence that would last a lifetime. My children are now 11 and almost 9 and know in their heart they can do anything. They are finishing up a week of ski race camp at Mt. Hood. In addition to all of the challenges skiing brings such as managing your gear (and there is a lot), taking risks, managing fear, and having the confidence to travel down a steep, snow covered mountain at speeds in excess of 50mph, they have been pushed in areas off the snow. My 9 year old hopped off of a 20 foot cliff into a river and stepped into a softball game with kids twice his age without missing a beat. My 11 year old went bungee jumping, jumped off of that same cliff, sent rock climbing and skied with kids from Japan, Korea, Canada, and the US (all without her regular ski friends she traveled to OR with). I know that without the confidence instilled from classes at The Little Gym of Eagle/Meridian, my kids would not have the confidence they do to thrive when faced with challenges like those this week.

 At The Little Gym, our kids gymnastics classes Meridian ID for preschoolers and kindergarteners have been specially designed to help your child channel all that energy and reach developmental milestones. Independent enough to attend classes without parents, children in this age group still learn best in a structured environment where gymnastics activities are combined with a healthy dose of fun.

Check out some live footage of a preschool gymnastics class Meridian! 

A Day of Serious Fun

Gymnastics is one of the world's oldest sports that tests strength, balance, flexibility and coordination.  It is one of the world's oldest sports and can be traced back thousands of years. In 2000 BC, the men and women of ancient Greece developed the sport of bull jumping, which is similar to the vaulting exercises you see today in modern gymnastics. In bull jumping, the athlete would run towards a charging bull, grab its horns and either vault onto the bull's back or vault over the bull in a somersault and land on his or her feet on the other side of the bull! This early event required both courage and strength, as well as grace and style. At The Little Gym we use vaults for risk taking and strength/balance building (don't worry - it doesn't have horns!)
The Ancient Romans used gymnastics as part of their military training to improve the strength, balance and flexibility of soldiers. In the 1800s, gymnastics exercises using rings, bars and mats were developed by gymnasts in Germany and Sweden.
Gymnastics have been a part of the modern Olympic games, since they were first held in 1896. Rhythmic gymnastics, which combines gymnastics and dance, and makes use of balls, ropes, hoops and ribbons was introduced as an Olympic Sport in 1984.
There are eight different events in Olympic gymnastics.  Here is a list of all eight with a brief description: ·
Floor Exercise - A rountine of dance-like movements featuring acrobat skills such as somersaults, backflips and cartwheels. The event is performed on a mat by both men and women. ·
Vault - Athletes vault off a slightly inclinded table. After running towards the vault table, athletes bounce off the spring board, push the vault table with their hands and, after performing multiple turns and pirouettes, try to finish with a controlled and steady landing on a mat behind the vault table. The event is performed by both men and women. ·
Pommel Horse - The pommel horse is a table with two handles or pommels in the center. Athletes perform a routine of circular exercises with legs apart and legs together in a routine with a continuous flow, while using only their hands for support. This event is performed by men only. ·
Rings - Athletes perform a series of exercises with swings and holds while grasping onto two wooden rings that are suspended above a floor mat. This event tests strength and precision and is performed by men only (except at The Little Gym - we encourage the use of rings to build upper body strength in all the children. Besides, they are FUN!) ·
Parallel Bars - A routine performed on two flexible parallel wooden rails. Routines include a series of swinging moves, balances and changes in grip. In the Olympic games, this event is also performed by men only. At The Little Gym, our Grade School Boys do different skills on this apparatus than the girls but we use this equipment it for all ages and sexes to promote coordination and strength. ·
Horizontal Bar - Athletes perform a routine on a single steel bar suspended above a floor mat. The routine requires continuous swinging and vaulting motions around the bar with frequent changes in direction and in grip. Once again, this is an even that is only performed by men. ·
Uneven Bars - Athletes perform a routine on a set of two highly flexible oval wooden bars. Gymnasts swing in both directions, above and below the bars, ending the routine with a controlled dismount and landing. This event is performed by women only. The uneven bars are the tallest piece of equipment we have at The Little Gym. It is used to build upper body strength, controlled body movements, risk taking, spacial awareness and FUN! ·
Balance Beam - Gymnasts perform a routine on a single wooden beam that is just four inches (10 cm) wide. The routine consists of continuous tumbling moves, half turns and full turns, jumps and leaps. This event is performed by women only. At The Little Gym we use the beam to promote risk taking and balancing skills of all ages and sexes. Have you seen the forward rolls on the beam by our toddlers? How about the cartwheel dismounts of our grade school kids?
Did U Know? · The word "gymnastics" comes from the Greek word "gymnos", meaning naked. In Ancient Greece, most athletic competitions took place in the nude. Ew...TMI! · Gymnastics is a great sport that helps build strength, flexibility, coordination and balance - but you already knew that!