Watching the Olympics with your kids?  There are a lot of great teachable moments for the kids in addition to tons of inspiration for all of us. I especially love how gracious the athletes are even when they don't win. It's really hard to do seconds after you finish a race or a performance that you've put your heart and soul into...and the news crew is immediately in your face. It is truly heartening to see Team USA behave with such class in those moments. I really want my kids to see that in the midst of defeat, you can still be a star!  At The Little Gym, our Sports Skills Classes are not the only ones that emphasize good sportsmanship and teamwork.  
We  incorporate this lesson into all of our classes by accentuating the POSITIVE!  We use a technique call "specific positive feedback" that directly communicates to our students about exactly what they did that was awesome - so they can work on repeating it!  For things that need improvement, instead of hearing "NO!", we give our students "directive practice" or words of encouragement that nudge them in the positive direction.  Baby steps can lead to BIG CHANGES for the positive. It's all a part of the lesson plan in each class at The Little Gym!
Super Kids' Camps!
Summer Camps at The Little Gym offer your child a seriously fun time with lots of learning sprinkled on top.
Our 3-Dimensional Learning Method ("Get Moving", "Brain Boost" and "Citizen Kid") integrates unique lesson plans designed by child-development experts with fun themes that engage your child in physical activity (gymnastics, dance, karate), creative crafts, and  imaginative adventures with fun music and group activities! Each day is a new adventure...which translates to a well-adjusted well-rounded, super kid!

Call (919) 403-5437 and talk with a team member for more details.  We are happy to help you choose the right camp options for your family. 
Brrrrrr! It definitely feels less like North Carolina and more like the North Pole out there. These frigid temps have got me thinking about a winter escape. It also got me thinking about how important it is to keep the whole family active this time of year, especially the kids. Being physically active can help anyone ward off the winter blues, but for children, it’s a great way to also help them get their sillies out and release all that super-kid energy. Bring them somewhere warm and inviting, where they can stretch out, relax and have a fun time…like The Little Gym. Weekly classes allow them an opportunity to exercise their bodies, brains and beautiful smiles! For my 4-year old, it is the highlight of her week, and she can’t wait for class to begin. With my 2-year old, I get to participate in her class, and I really enjoy our special time together. I recently started my 2-year old in the Jazzy Beasts class, which is a dance/gymnastics combo, and I got a workout myself helping her learn new skills. By the middle of class, all the moms had gotten rid of their sweaters because we were movin’ and groovin’ too! We were having too much fun in the gym to think about the cold weather outside. So I guess in a way, coming to The Little Gym with my kids every week has become our family’s winter escape. Each week, we’re learning new skills and ideas, using our imaginations, and just plain having a good time together. And when you add in all the high-fives, hugs and giggles, I just want to freeze time for a second and enjoy the moment.

REMINDER: We will be closed on Wednesday, January 1st for New Year's Day.  Regular classes will begin Thursday, January 2nd at our new location at Southpoint Crossing Shopping Center!  
Rock it out on New Year's Eve...and Let's Roll into the New Year!!
 Happy Handstands, The Little Gym Team
REMINDER: We will be having classes Monday-Wednesday only this week.  If your class is normally on Thursday & Saturday, we'll see you on January 2nd and 4th at our new location!  During the winter break, please encourage your child to stay active and work on their personal outside practice (POP)!  Parents, don't forget if you need a few hours to yourself, children ages 3 and up can join us for camps during the winter break.  Call us for availability!
Have a blessed holiday season!!
Holiday Camp Registration is now open!
Very, Very, Soon...We'll be OPEN in Southpoint Crossing!

We are putting the final finishing touches on the new gym at Southpoint Crossing.  We can't wait for you all to see it!  Our plan is to start making the move this Thursday!!! Our team will be hard at work getting the gym ready, set and good-to-go for our campers, which is super exciting!  We will send reminders to all campers as they join us for their winter break adventures.  
For those who will be joining us for classes after the holidays...we'll send you email reminders about our new location as well. Happy holidays and see you in January!
Happy Handstands,
The Little Gym Team
There are only 2 weeks (and 1 day)  until Christmas!
  There is still time to purchase The Little Gym gift certificates for your little one(s).  And they make great stocking stuffers too!  Tell the grandparents, aunts and uncles to forego the stuffed animals and sweaters this year and opt for the gift that truly keeps on giving:  
Confidence, Cooperation and Coordination!
(All things your child learns in classes at The Little Gym)

I read an interesting article about what parents are doing to get their kids ready to enter kindergarten. For most parents, it's as much of a challenge to let go as it is for the kids...and in some cases more so. My oldest daughter will be entering kindergarten this upcoming year, and I'm already slightly apprehensive. Have I done enough to prepare her for this? It's such a big step. How is she going to handle it?

Well, what I'm learning is that the best way to prepare your child (and yourself) is to first of all understand that this is a natural part of life. And freaking out about it is not going to help anyone, least of all your happy little girl. There is no amount of internet-surfing or app-downloading that is going to make a difference in your child's readiness for school. It turns out that the simplest activities are truly the best - like playing with your child! - What??!! Really??

Yes, playing with your child helps them develop social and emotional skills that are key to getting ready for school. It's all about making sure that your child can ask for help when she needs it, doesn't give up when something is challenging and learns to take turns and control herself. This totally sounds like all the things my daughter works on at The Little Gym every week!

So, I gave myself a pat on the back for being brilliant and enrolling her in the dance class she loves so much anyway. Not only is she making all of those great social connections, she is realizing emotional growth each week with the structured classes, group activities and circle time. And as a bonus, she's integrating physical activity into her routine, which is something I want her to associate with FUN, not a chore.

For the parents, getting ready for school means familiarizing yourself with the typical kindergarten schedule, visiting the school and asking questions, and working on a solid, morning routine. It's certainly a change, but it's a good one. As much as I want to hold onto my little girl, I know that when the time comes, I will be happy to see her walk confidently into school and say, "Mommy, I've got this." High five - that's my girl!

Happy Handstands, Sneha
The Little Gym
"Home is Where the Heart Is"
Durham & Chapel Hill, NC      November 8,  2013
Dear Friends and Valued Members of The Little Gym Family:

It has often been said that "home is where the heart is"...and our heart tells us that our "home"- our gym, could use a refresh.  After 16 years in our current gym, we are excited to tell you that The Little Gym is moving to a brand new location just a few minutes away in Southpoint Crossing.

You are going to love all the awesome upgrades we have planned!  The new facility will feature an extended window wall so you can see your child better throughout class; fresh paint and wall accents that are kid-friendly and create a fun, happy environment; an expanded lobby area with upgraded finishes to make your visit more comfortable; and a super-cool, high-tech retractable window wall for the multi-purpose room that maximizes space for classes and parties.  Plus, you're going to appreciate the convenient access to interstate 40 and highway 54, proximity to Southpoint Mall with tons of dining and shopping options, a grocery store right next door, and lots of parking!   Our new "home" will be move-in ready in 6-8 weeks.  Keep an eye out for a communication and design board in the lobby so you can follow our progress through the entire construction process, and be sure to follow our progress on Facebook.

We are excited about this big step forward in our mission to be the best place for your child to play, learn, and grow.  And as we make that step, you can count on the same great, beneficial program, and excellent member services you have come to know and trust, delivered by a highly-qualified and kid-focused team of teachers.  While a shiny, new facility will make a positive difference, it's the smiles and laughter of the kids and the WOW moments we create together every week that's at the heart of The Little Gym.  For that, we are thankful and grateful to you for being a part of this heart-warming adventure!


Sneha and Jag Atwal
New Gym Location:

202 W NC Hwy 54, at the corner of Hwy 54 and Fayetteville Rd.

email:   web:

At The Little Gym, our training schedule is an integral part of our operations. You can be assured that the teachers who are interacting with and leading your children in class each week are trained to The Little Gym International Standards.  While a majority of our training focuses on teaching the best classes with detailed curriculum, there is always an overarching spotlight on safety.  We want our teachers to feel confident teaching skills and progressions in the gym while knowing what to do in case of emergencies.  With that in mind, we just renewed our certifications for First Aid and CPR through the American Heart Association. 

  A big thanks to Pam Pease from Wake Tech for delivering a very informative and engaging training experience for our teachers, parents and community members who joined us in class.  Practice equals preparedness, and now we are  equipped with the skills to help someone in an emergency. 
Training is an ongoing process, and our The Little Gym team will be attending a training bootcamp in November in Burlington, NC with other area gyms.  The topic this time will be about how to bring the class curriculum elements to life and make your child's experience totally MAGICAL.  Hurray for education at all stages in life!

Happy Handstands,



First, Holiday Camp Registration - now open to the public!
We are going to have so much fun during the holiday break with all our camp kiddos!  There is a new theme every day - so something new to explore and learn at each camp.  Every camp includes gym time, crafts, and a snack...all in a warm and familiar environment for your child!  Reminder:  Camps are only being offered in the mornings (9 AM - Noon) and this year we've added weekend camp days to help you get your shopping done!
Second, Check out our "Let's Build Let's Play" Event for Beasts and Super Beasts the week of November 18th!
We are adding a new complimentary benefit for members who are enrolled in Beasts and Super Beasts. The "Let's Build, Let's Play" event is an opportunity to get on the floor and get creative with your little one using Lego/Duplo bricks. Try it and tell us what you think. We would love to get your feedback!  Beast and Super Beast parents - look for an invite in your email. RSVP to register since space is limited.

Teacher Breonna is the youngest member of our team, but she is wise beyond her years.  Breonna is a senior in high school and is juggling a boat load of Advanced Placement (AP) classes in addition to working part-time here at The Little Gym.  Not only is she taking 5 AP classes, but she is enrolled in the tough engineering program (a girl after my own heart).  


Her extracurricular activities make me feel exhausted just thinking about it.  She is heavily involved in her advanced chorus class and helps to choreograph numbers for the show choir.  She is also secretary of the Tri-M Music Honor Society as well as a member of the Spanish Honor Society.  In addition to all that, she has played volleyball for 5 years.  


Breonna's future goals are are as clear as her singing voice.  She wants to go to UNC Chapel Hill and major in biomedical engineering, followed by medical school. She has her sights set on becoming an anesthesiologist. Since she has just finished her application for UNC, we'll all be on admissions packet-watch with her.  So exciting! I can't imagine the folks in the admissions office finding anyone as well-rounded, dedicated and brimming with potential as Breonna.  And she's a total sweetheart on top of all that.  Just listen to her class announcements, she has such a sweet voice, you just want to give her a hug afterwards.  


Happy Handstands,



Hurray for the Holidays!!
girl in yellow jumping
Not too much longer...and we'll be decorating the tree and hanging up the mistletoe.  Are you ready for all that...Don't get caught in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season without a plan for the kids.  Before you know it, school will be out and the holidays will be upon us. Make plans to give yourself the gift of camp!  The kids get a fun, safe, and warm environment to shake out all the sillies and you get a few hours to cross things off your list, right?  Reserve your child's spot in Holiday Camp early!  Space is limited.  

Camps are 9AM - 12PM - A New Theme Each Day!

  •   Thursday, December 19  (All Sorts of Sports)
  •   Friday, December 20  (Let's Hear it for Cheer)
  •   Saturday, December 21  (TLG Stars on Ice)
  •   Sunday, December 22  (Holiday Goofy Games)
  •   Monday, December 23  (Flip N Fun)
  •   Friday, December 27  (Winter Camping)
  •   Saturday, December 28  (Karate Kids Camp)
  •   Sunday, December 29  (Dinosaur Ice Age)
  •   Monday, December 30  (Dazzlin' Dancin')
  •   Tuesday, December 31  (New Year's Eve Beach Bash)
5 Days$149$169
4 Days$127$144
3 Days$102$114
2 Days$72$79
1 Day$38$42
  • Annual Family Membership is $40
  • Pay in Full or Reserve your Spot with a $50 Deposit

Teacher Teryn is one of our newest team members, and we are delighted to welcome her to The Little Gym family.  Teryn has been with us since August and impressed us from the very beginning.  Her warmth and strength of character comes through in everything she does, and her smile lights up the gym every day.   


Teryn graduated from UNC Chapel Hill this past May with a double major in Psychology and Anthropology and a minor in American Indian Studies.  She also  graduated high school from The North Carolina School of Science and Math.  She is one smart and sweet cookie!  It is also her strong work ethic that sets her apart.  She paid her way through college by working as a waitress, a job she still has today!  Hard working, dedicated, and resolved to succeed...Teryn has displayed all of these awesome characteristics as Lead Instructor here at The Little Gym.


Something that is near and dear to Teryn's heart is her passion for her American Indian heritage.  As a member of the Sappony Tribe of NC and VA, she is very involved in her Native community, particularly the tribe's youth camp.  While she has volunteered for a number of years, she was recently asked to take on a leadership role as Intern Camp Director.  Her desire to positively impact youngsters is clearly evident in how she chooses to spend her time as a teacher and as a volunteer.   


Teryn's closeness with her family is a real source of joy for her, especially her mom, who is an elementary school teacher and lives in Durham too.   Teryn also has a brother who is attending Appalachian State University.  Her dogs Lucas and Leo keep Teryn busy and in-shape for running 5Ks; although I think those green shakes she drinks have something to do with it too...ask her what's in that shake! 


Teryn is currently in the process of applying to graduate school and is working towards a career as a licensed Clinical Counselor.  She is one motivated young lady! With her immense determination, there is no doubt that Teryn can accomplish anything she sets her mind to - exactly the kind of role model our kids at The Little Gym can aspire to be like.


Happy Handstands,



Teacher Megan is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  She is one of the sweetest, most un-assuming young women I know, which is totally astonishing considering how accomplished she is as a dancer, competitor and athlete.  Her talent is matched by her intellect and drive to succeed in everything she does.


Megan joined The Little Gym team over the summer after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a double major in Psychology and Exercise/Sports Science.  She was on the dance team at Carolina all 4 years and was team captain her senior year.  


She's been dancing since she was 3 years old and competitively since age 8.  She played basketball for 4 years and tennis for 3 years, but dance was ultimately her passion in life.  She won the title of National Miss Ultimate Dance in 2004-5, danced with a professional modern dance company in 2007, attended the NC Governor's School for dance in 2008, and won Miss Eastern Alamance High School in 2009.  


While Megan has been teaching dance since she was 15, she also recently became Head Coach of the Elon University Dance Team.  Teacher Megan is one busy young lady, but she is on a mission to share her passion for dance with the world and teach youngsters the joy of creative movement.  She plans on attending graduate school and pursuing a career in physical therapy; although, I'm willing to bet that dance will always be a part of her life.  I love how driven and dedicated she is to developing herself through new amazing role model for our kids at The Little Gym. 


Happy Handstands,



 If you have ever met Teacher Charise, you definitely remember Charise!  She is one of the most engaging personalities I have ever met.  She can literally talk about anything - at any time.  She has a spunky and sparkly personality that is truly a joy to be around.


Charise has been with The Little Gym for almost a year. She will graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill in May 2014 with a degree in Communications, Media Studies. Prior to attending UNC, Charise ran track for two years (high jump, & 200m), played volleyball for two years, danced for 6 years, was a recreational gymnast for 4 years, in show choir for 5 years, was a competition cheerleader for 10 years, and played basketball for 14 years. FUN FACT: In high school, Charise held the record for squats, coming in at 275lbs! She could also bench press 150 lbs.  She is lean and mean, y'all. :)


Charise also cheered at UNC-Chapel Hill and played on the traveling club basketball team.  In 2010, she was crowned Miss Teen Greensboro and won Miss Congeniality.  She has received numerous accolades and proved that she's an all-around awesome athlete and super-star!  


While performance and altruism are focal points in her life, Charise is truly passionate about her role as big sister and is deeply involved in her 12-year old sister's life as a busy dance and gymnastics competitor. With Charise's brains, brawn and beauty, her future's so bright...she's gotta wear shades!  


Happy Handstands,




Teacher Grace has a new role at The Little Gym of Durham-Chapel Hill.  She has accepted a position as Manager-in-Training!  It is so exciting to see Teacher Grace take on this leadership role and help shape the future of our The Little Gym family.


Teacher Grace has been with The Little Gym of Durham- Chapel Hill for 3 years and  is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in English Literature.  She has a sister in college, a brother in high school and is engaged to be married next year.  She is an accomplished athlete who did gymnastics for 8 years, soccer for 7 years and was a competitive cheerleader for 8 years.  Her high school cheer team won nationals 2 years in a row when she was a sophomore and junior. This young lady has serious skills, and she is a super awesome coach, teacher and mentor. She has taught every possible class here at The Little Gym and is a plethora of knowledge about child development.  Go ahead, just try and stump her!


Grace ultimately wants to be a published author and teach literature.  In fact, she is working on her first novel right now!  I am delighted to have such an exceptional, talented young woman working with me, helping to guide our program and our team.  Please join me in congratulating Grace on her new role!


Happy Handstands,



Teacher Asia was recently promoted to a new role. She is now the Gym Director! I am so excited to have her lead The Little Gym Team.  
Most of you already know Teacher Asia as an awesome instructor in many classes throughout the week. She has been with The Little Gym since May 2012 after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with a degree in psychology. She is the oldest of five, yes 5 sisters. So, she really knows how to lead a team! She has also been involved with cheer leading teams, dance teams and teams in the workplace. Asia is a very talented young woman, and in her new role, she will use her amazing leadership skills to manage daily operations at the gym. I am super excited to have her join me in making your experience @ The Little Gym totally MAGICAL!
Asia ultimately wants to attend graduate school and continue in the field of psychology. While I wholly support her pursuit of an advanced degree, I am really hoping she chooses a local school. :-) Until then, she continues to be a leader and role model here @ The Little Gym of Durham-Chapel Hill. Please join me in congratulating Asia on her promotion! here
Happy Handstands, Sneha
It is a new beginning, and our teachers are super excited to get started with all the Serious Fun ahead! There is just something about the start of the school year that makes me grin from ear to ear. I suppose this is how all teachers feel seeing such eager beavers marching into classes all over the world!
As a parent, I know it can be both exhilarating and exhausting at the same time, especially if you have multiple children to get moving from here to there! But, what I think all of us enjoy is watching this tremendous potential energy building up as we inch closer to the start. Then, to watch the kinetic energy unleash as classes begin and pick up speed as the season moves forward - it is a beautiful thing!
So, it is important at the beginning to take a deep breath and get mentally prepared for the ride. Just know that when you bring your child to The Little Gym every week, you can always be assured that we are helping to harness all that energy into meaningful activities that grow their skills. At every age, all of us are more open to learning when we are truly engaged and having fun. That's why our motto is Serious Fun! You can count on us to be a partner in your child's development with every class throughout the season. Welcome and enjoy the ride!
Happy Handstands, Sneha
Every time your child attends class at The Little Gym, they conquer new challenges and gain new levels of confidence. In Parent/Child classes, we celebrate these moments as they happen. But once your child is ready to attend class on their own, you may not know about all of the big and little victories they achieve each week. Now we’ve made it even easier to track your child’s progress and celebrate together! This Season will be full of new feats, new friends, and newfound self-confidence. From “Continental Cartwheels” to “Cooperation Station,” each themed, multi-week Learning Unit will lead to a natural progression of skills, helping your child grow into a well-rounded, well-adjusted super kid! Along the way, we’ll track the skills your child has worked on and their personal progress. Whether it’s your preschooler’s first unassisted forward roll or the first time your grade-schooler demonstrates teamwork, each one is a victory worth celebrating. And we can’t wait to celebrate with you every step of the way! The new Season starts August 19th! Call today to enroll!

"For Natalie and Abby, The Little Gym has been crucial in facilitating core strength training, balance and coordination. They were 26.1 week preemies weighing 1 pound 5 ounces and 1 pound 13.5oz, and they needed all the help they could get to overcome their beginnings. While they were still in the hospital, I watched children playing on the beach and wondered if my girls would ever run up and down the beach the same way. Now, at 4 1/2 years old, I watch them pull up on uneven bars, walk across the balance beam, and run in circles laughing with their peers.

"After almost 2 1/2 years at The Little Gym of Durham, I am amazed at the progress they have made. I believe The Little Gym has been even more beneficial than their years of physical therapy. I am so grateful for what The Little Gym provides both in terms of development of the physical body as well as the smiles, laughter and fun my children experience every time they play at The Little Gym."

(Thank you, Johelen, for sharing with us!  You touched our hearts!)

Raising kids can make it difficult and sometimes impossible to find time to exercise.  When asked how they do it, these creative parents from Circle of Moms offered these suggestions:
  • Set up a standing "exercise date" with a friend on a day when your spouse is home.  You get time to exercise, time for yourself away from the kids, AND time with a friend--three in one!
  • Wake up before the kids.  This can be a tough one, but the energy you'll feel from having worked out in the morning can make up for the lost sleep.
  • Dance (or run or play or skip) with your child every day.  Setting aside just 20 minutes a day will greatly impact your health--and you'll have a blast doing it!  Parents and Kids Stay Active at The Little Gym of Durham and Chapel Hill!
  • Take a class at The Little Gym.  Parents are active participants in classes for children under three.  Many parents choose to play an active role in all parts of the class, which means that once a week, they get a workout!
  • Get a child-carrying backpack, and take a walk.  You'll both love it!  Note: be sure you maintain good posture and that you get a pack that distributes the weight evenly.  Look for a good hip belt that takes weight off your shoulders.
  • Park far away.  Scope out a safe path to the grocery store or mall, and as long as you see one, park so that you have to walk with your kids.  It's good for them, too!
  • Get a workout video, then set up a fun activity for your little one while you workout in the same room.  While they're coloring or building with blocks, you can interact and encourage while getting your heart going at the same time.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of exercising is the example it sets for your kids.  Our children look to us to see how to live their lives, and your commitment to take care of yourself will reap rewards for generations to come.  Signing your child up for classes at The Little Gym is the best way to create early habits of exercise in your children.

Got any suggestions of your own?  Click here to submit yours!

Children are naturally receptive to the toe-tapping rhythm and beats of a good song. When music is played, many break into a boogie without thinking twice. Since music is something that most do naturally and effortlessly, we often forget how truly complex it is. It requires a complete connection between the analytical and creative parts of our brains and can actually improve many abilities including memory, motor control, and language. In addition to developmental benefits, music has also been known for its mood-altering qualities. A great song lifts our spirits and eases our stress.

With all of the varying benefits of music, it may come as no surprise that it plays several vital roles at The Little Gym. In addition to bringing joy and adding to the fun environment of class, our original music is used to enhance children's overall development. Active songs help expand vocabulary, musical games teach cooperation, and lyrics provide directions and cues that help sharpen listening skills and increase attention span. So while children happily hum or skip along to the beat, they're actually building skills that will help them beyond The Little Gym. And we're sure that's music to your ears.
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