Looking for something Seriously Fun for your child during Spring Break week? Look no further! The Little Gym of Torrance is now enrolling for Spring Break Camp programs! Spring Break Camp will be held during spring break week when school is out, April 6-10, 2015. Designed for children 3-8 years old and 6-12 years of age, our Spring Break Camp programs provide children with super-awesome, adventure-filled hours full of skill building, crafts, group activities, and most importantly Serious Fun! The Little Gym of Torrance offers flexible scheduling, allowing your busy family to include Spring Break Camp in your child’s spring break activities. So head on over to The Little Gym of Torrance because Spring Beak Camps are on their way!
At The Little Gym of Torrance we know how important it is for children to build, gain, and radiate confidence. Here are 3 things we do in the gym that can be echoed at home: 1. Specific Positive Feedback (SPF). Rather than saying “good job” when your child has done something well, give them specific positive feedback on what was SO great about what they did. Words of praise mean more when they refer to a child’s specific efforts or new abilities. 2. Encourage and support your child in everything they do! Whether it is at home or at The Little Gym of Torrance, words of support and encouragement go a long way! 3. Trust your child and let them make decisions. This will allow your child to build their confidence knowing that you trust them enough to make decisions on their own! Confidence is key! Whether your child is at The Little Gym of Torrance or at home, it’s important to help your child gain the confidence they need to succeed in the future.
Being upside down is huge for coordination and body control, and it’s also great for developing upper body strength! Check out these four tips featured in Family Fun Magazine for mastering a handstand from The Little Gym’s Director of Curriculum, Randy McCoy! 1. Start by building arm strength. In a clear space with a rug or mat, have your child stand with his or her back to a wall, bend down, reach out, and plant your child’s hands on the ground two to three feet in front. Have your child keep his or her arms straight and carefully walk their feet up the wall. 2. Donkey Kicks: Next, have your child squat away from the wall with his or her feet slightly apart and hands on the floor. Keeping their gaze on their hands, your child should kick up both feet at the same time. 3. Long Leg Kicks: With hands on the floor and one foot 12 inches in front of the other, have your child kick up with their back leg, and then quickly follow with the other into a mini handstand. 4. Do a Handstand! Have your child stand with their feet about 12 inches apart, one in front of the other, and have him or her reach their hands to the ground. When they touch, have them push off his or her front leg and kick up into into a handstand. Spot your child as they go up to prevent them from toppling over. Support his or her legs and/or hips so that your child is stable once they are up. Ta-Da! Practice makes perfect so be sure to encourage your child to practice their handstands every day… soon enough your child will be upside down, and all around! Happy Handstands from The Little Gym of Torrance! "Hands-Down Fun." FamilyFun Magazine. August 2014: 38. Print.
We think our birthday parties are pretty awesome-in fact; we were named Best Gym Party by Parents Magazine! Schedule your child’s next birthday bash at The Little Gym. We even have specialized Dora, Diego or SpongeBob parties!
Building healthy bodies and minds is already a part of The Little Gym experience. Did you know that The Little Gym offers programs where you can also enjoy “building” with LEGO® DUPLO® preschool building toys? Children ages 19 months through 4 years old have an opportunity to build upon their problem solving, imagination and socialization skills through our WonderKids Club (3 to 4 years), Let’s Build Lets Play Parent/Child events (19 months to 3 years old), and Awesome Birthday Bash parties with added DUPLO experiences (2 to 4 years old).
Did you know? The Little Gym has it's own line of active toys that are designed special for kids of all ages! Visit www.thelittlegym.com/shop to purchase!