Monday, May 25th We will be closed in observance of Memorial Day. All Monday classes have automatically received a makeup class for this day. Please call the gym 206-524-2623 to schedule your makeup as soon as possible. Makeups can be used on a space available basis by currently enrolled members through June 28th, 2015. Things get busy, and full the closer we get to the end of the Season, so please use your makeup as soon as possible.
Kids birthday parties Seattle WA or what we like to call Awesome Birthday Bashes.

Our kids birthday parties are Fantabulous and Splendiforous. There just arenʼt enough synonyms to describe how awesome an Awesome Birthday Bash truly is. So, letʼs see if this sums it up: Parents magazine named The Little Gym Seattle WA the #1 place to host childrenʼs birthday parties. Your group will have the whole place to yourselves with games, music and fun activities created especially for your birthday kid. Our trained instructors will lead all the fun and The Little Gym Seattle WA team will handle everything from setup to cleanup, which means you get to go home to a clean, quiet house when all the fun is done. Itʼs no surprise that many parents tell us we have the best Kids Birthday Parties Seattle WA and that our Awesome Birthday Bash is a big wish come true for them, too.

Call today to schedule your Awesome Birthday Bash! 206-524-2623

or Visit our website to schedule your Kids birthday party online: Book a Birthday Party online

Kids gymnastics at The Little Gym Seattle builds confidence in every child
The best way to encourage kids to try their best is with a smile! But don't take our word for it. Research studies confirm that positive feedback triggers a natural drive for kids to discover their own potential. Intrinsically motivated children are more involved in their own learning and development and tend to be more enthusiastic learners.

So how can you help your child become intrinsically motivated? Praise your child's efforts as well as their actual accomplishments. Offer suggestions in a supportive way and never criticize or compare their efforts to another child's.

Here at The Little Gym, we celebrate gold medal moments every day by challenging children in our gymnastics and dance classes to strive for their own personal best in a positive, non-competitive environment. Each new accomplishment builds confidence and each successful experience motivates kids to try for the next. Whether they're learning to land the perfect cartwheel through gymnastics and tumbling or are learning to listen and follow directions, the confidence gained will inspire them to strive for new challenges in every area with proud Olympic-sized smiles on their faces.
Encourage your kids today and watch their confidence grow!

Over the past few weeks at The Little Gym, we have been incorporating number concepts, counting, and simple math in our parent/child and pre-k gymnastics classes! Using multiple senses while counting (such as counting on fingers or touching counted objects) helps kids in the parent/child classes learn and retain numbers. Observing and emulating parents’ behavior and counting also helps to build a positive foundation for learning in a group setting.

In our pre-k gymnastics classes we have been giving kids opportunities to express their creativity by having them try to form the shapes of different numbers with their bodies. This helps with number recognition and is great for developing body control and spatial awareness. Teaching number concepts through movement is a fun way (for both instructors and kids) to take advantage of the connection between motor skills development and cognitive learning. Multi-sensory experiences, such as counting steps as they walk across the balance beam, allow children to gain the ability to learn and process information faster.

We add to the complexity of our learning when we engage our bodies in the same concepts as our brains, which leads to healthier, smarter kids!

Please contact us for an Excused Absence if you will be missing a class, 24 hours advanced notice is appreciated, and we will work to schedule a Make-up class!
You are welcome to
CALL: 206-524-2623
TEXT: 206-588-9177
If you use text or Facebook please let us know your child's name & the class time and date they are missing.
Happy Handstands!