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10/10 August 2, 2015
No comment provided.

10/10 August 1, 2015
Each class is planned for and well thought out. The teachers are very enthusiastic.

8/10 July 30, 2015
Classes of ten are just too big , even when 2 adults are in there. My daughter is easily distracted and needs firm , clear directions and reminders of what the rules are . I know it's not a school , but sometimes I feel as though the discipline is very laid back.

9/10 July 29, 2015
That the kids are allowed to explore and do what they want to do.

10/10 July 29, 2015
My son continues to love the Little Gym and looks forward to it every week.

10/10 July 27, 2015
No comment provided.

10/10 July 25, 2015
The Little Gym has provided my daughter a wonderful experience physically, emotionally, and socially. The "themes" each week have been developmentally appropriate and have provided her with excellent foundational skills to help her to develop early learning skills. We have had an amazing time with Miss Annalisa and will definitely be enrolling in future classes at The Little Gym in Sea Girt.

10/10 July 25, 2015
The instructors and the program are phenomenal.

10/10 July 25, 2015
No comment provided.

10/10 July 25, 2015
I enjoy taking my daughter to the Little Gym every week. The classes are always organized and fun. I like how my daughter has the opportunity to be in a structured environment but she is free to explore and be independent at the same time.