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7/10 March 17, 2015
No comment provided.

10/10 March 17, 2015
Great teachers and fun classes that entertain and teach gymnastic skills to my 2 young children

10/10 March 10, 2015
No comment provided.

10/10 February 13, 2015
No comment provided.

10/10 February 13, 2015
The flexibility when rescheduling is needed (due to illness or other conflicts) is great, and the staff are super friendly.

10/10 February 10, 2015
Very developmentally appropriate, the teachers are very professional, they know what they are doing, and why, and are great with the kids too. Genevieve is fantastic!

10/10 February 10, 2015
I love seeing how far my son has grown since he started going to The Little Gym. The instructors really care and my son looks forward to seeing them.

9/10 February 9, 2015
Many aspects of the program a very good right from the social skills to physical movements that help develop coordination in little ones, to the safe environment that the gym provides for little ones to explore. We also got lucky to have been a part of Ms. Genevivie's class. She brings so much positive energy to all that she does. These classes have had a synergistic effect with all the therapies my child goes through to help with developmental milestones.

8/10 February 4, 2015
Sometimes the transition between two classes is a lot chaotic.perhaps a place to hang up coats and more chairs would help. Or spacing the start and end times with time in between

10/10 February 3, 2015
your instructors are FANTASTIC with the kids and each week is unique. They keep it fun and entertaining! You can tell they really love what they do!