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10/10 September 16, 2014
Energetic instructors, good equipment and just an overall great program & facility. My 18-month old loves coming to the class and participating in the activities.

8/10 September 16, 2014
Of I'm being perfectly honest, the price is very high a month. Most of my mommy friends, unless we grt gift certificates there as a gift, have a hard time coming up with $90 a month. Especially now with 2 kiddies and other activities. It's worth the experience, but the budget doesn't allow for it. They do offer so mich during the week (comimentary practice classes, parents survival nigt, etc,) but if you are just coming for a class per week, the price is not doable. We love the program, just can't pull off the price per mth. The price is the downfall and if it was a mth to mth maybe it be more desirable as well.

10/10 September 15, 2014
My son has fun.

8/10 September 15, 2014
Smaller class sizes

10/10 September 15, 2014
Friendly staff, fun for kids

8/10 September 14, 2014
No comment provided.

10/10 September 14, 2014
Everything. They offer classes for all ages, have awesome date night events, discounts on birthday parties and the teachers are great.

10/10 September 14, 2014
No comment provided.

10/10 September 14, 2014
The enthusiasm

10/10 September 13, 2014
Structure, fun, songs, music

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