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10/10 February 27, 2015
Instructors are so nice. Routine is excellent to privde consistency for children. We do some of the songs at home which my son immediately recognizes.

10/10 February 27, 2015
The staff and the ability to understand the needs of children my son's age.

10/10 February 27, 2015
The Little Gym has been wonderful for my daughter. She started at 10 months in the birds class and just moved up to the beasts. She's more coordinated, social, and enjoys the routine of class. All of the teachers are very friendly and knowledgable.

10/10 February 27, 2015
My daughter LOVES THIS place. She asks for gym almost daily.

10/10 February 27, 2015
I love the knowledgeable, fun & organized team members, clean facility, and it's clear that they run off a well-structured plan for class each week. We've been to other programs where it seemed like the teacher just made up the activities as they went along. I know that each class is different, and will have new challenges and fun. My daughter loves it, and loves Miss Bailey & Miss Heather! I feel like the teachers care about my child. We've told many friends about The Little Gym, and will keep doing so. We love it!

9/10 February 27, 2015
combination of fun and activity for a busy toddler; friendly staff

10/10 February 27, 2015
As a parent I really like the cost and flexibility of different class options available for my kids. The little gym associates are always very friendly and make it a fun place for my children.

10/10 February 27, 2015
The classes differ from week to week; the teachers gently encourage the students and instill confidence in learning different movements.

8/10 February 27, 2015
My daughter enjoys the Beasts class very much but I think she'd benefit from more free time. She doesn't seem to enjoy the structured activities or following directions!

9/10 February 27, 2015
I like how the programs build confidence in the children and encourage them to take risks.

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