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10/10 October 21, 2014
Kids don't wait in line - they are active the entire time!

9/10 October 19, 2014
I like the personal lessons and encouraging personalities of the staff members.

9/10 October 15, 2014
Socialization and skills that are taught to my toddler

8/10 October 15, 2014
No comment provided.

8/10 October 13, 2014
Just work on making sure classes are started on time and actually run the full length.

10/10 October 13, 2014
No comment provided.

9/10 October 13, 2014
It is a low pressure non competitive way for my kids to learn gymnastics. It is fun and they love to come. They are getting great exercise and do not even realize it.

10/10 October 13, 2014
Variety. The teachers are energetic and really encourage the kids to participate and keep trying.

10/10 October 13, 2014
Ms Michelle is wonderful, very personable, and loves the kids

3/10 October 13, 2014
No comment provided.

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