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8/10 April 17, 2014
No comment provided.

10/10 April 17, 2014
The opportunity for my daughter to play, and explore new environments in a secure and enriching arena is beautiful! She loves it so much!

9/10 April 17, 2014
Enthusiastic, professional teachers! Safe environment

9/10 April 17, 2014
Super personable and organized and I love how good the staff is to my daughter, especially since little gym is the first organized program for her and I feel it is helping out emensly, in getting her ready for preschool (lining up, partners, following directions, circle time etc) thank you!!!!

9/10 April 17, 2014
WEll Organized! Staff are always friendly, positive and happy.

6/10 April 17, 2014
I feel like it is hard to justify the cost of the class with it only meeting 4 times a month for 45 minutes. In my opinion it is very expensive since the only time you can use it is during your class. Would be a bigger proponent of it if I could bring my child to use the facility during non class times as well.

10/10 April 17, 2014
Very friendly personable and the instructors are great with the children.

10/10 April 17, 2014
Kids love it

8/10 April 17, 2014
Very expensive for a mommy and me class. Perhaps lowering the price

10/10 April 17, 2014
Teachers--they are great! Class structure - kids get a great lesson, while given free time to roam and socialize Make up policy -- so generous and easy to schedule

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