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7/10 August 20, 2014
Stop the ridiculous "rehash" of thd class. Decrease costs.

9/10 August 20, 2014
Offers programs for young children. The variety of activities keeps the children engaged and excited!

10/10 August 20, 2014
I like everything your teach here.

10/10 August 20, 2014
I like everything your teach them here.

10/10 August 20, 2014
Flexible schedule change and make up classes. Nice instructors.

8/10 August 20, 2014
Pricier than other gymnastics programs in the area.

10/10 August 20, 2014
The instructors have been fantastic with helping my daughter adapt and participate in class. When we started a year ago, she could barely walk in the gym without crying. With their help and patience, she now feels safe and confident in class. A special thanks to Mr Frank and Ms Arielle for making this happen.

10/10 August 20, 2014
I love everything - the variety of classes, the different things they do in each class, the flexibility they offer, the friendly and positive atmosphere, and of course, the wonderful dedicated teachers. I especially like the additional opportunities to bring my son to TLG on other days such as practice time, open houses, ice cream socials, etc. That really makes a difference.

8/10 August 20, 2014
No comment provided.

9/10 August 20, 2014
That u involve all the kids

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