We hope that everyone has enjoyed their summer! Our team has been busy preparing for the 2014-2015 Season of Classes. Our preparation now affords your child the continued preparation for developing life-long skills. Each new Season brings new lesson plans, new challenges, new friends, and many new accomplishments. It's not too late to join in on the fun! Contact us today at 301-570-9310 or tlgolney@verizon.net to register! A Season of precious memories awaits!
Want to give you kid a new perspective? Help her turn her world – and her body – upside down. Mastering a handstand does more than just instill pride and elicit giggles – it also has big physical benefits. “Being upside down is huge for coordination and body control, and it’s also great for developing upper body strength, which is the weakest area in kids” says Randy McCoy, Director of Curriculum for The Little Gym International, Inc. Have your kids follow Randy’s incremental plan, and they’ll be topsy-turvy in no time! 3 Steps to a Handstand • Start by building arm strength. In a clear space with a rug or mat, have your child stand with her back to a wall, bend down, reach out, and plant her hands on the ground two to three feet in front. Have her keep her arms straight and carefully walk her feet up the wall. 1. Donkey Kicks: Next, have her squat away from the wall with her feet slightly apart and hands on the floor. Keeping her gaze on her hands, she should kick up both feet at the same time. 2. Long Leg Kicks: With hands on the floor and one foot 12 inches in front of the other, have her kick up with her back leg, then quickly follow with the other into a mini handstand. 3. Do a Handstand! Have her stand with her feet as shown and reach her hands to the ground. When they touch, have her push off her front leg and kick up her back into a handstand. Spot her as she goes up to prevent her from toppling over. Support her legs and/or hips so that she’s stable once she’s up. "Hands-Down Fun." FamilyFun Magazine. August 2014: 38. Print.
The Little Gym has done it again! We are excited to announce that The Little Gym has been awarded Best Gym Party by Parents Magazine! We are honored to be awarded yet again by Parents Magazine following the 2010 ranking as the #1 place to host children’s birthday parties. Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for making our Awesome Birthday Bash Parties such a success. If it wasn’t for you this award would not be possible! If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience The Little Gym’s Awesome Birthday Bash Parties, what are you waiting for? Our fabulous instructors will lead all the fun and our team handles everything from set up to cleanup which means more fun for you! From our Awesome Birthday Bash Parties, to our exclusive Dora the Explorer; Go, Diego, Go; and NOW new Sponge Bob Square Pants themed parties (coming this fall), birthdays at The Little Gym really “take the cake”! We’ve got the awards to prove how great our parties are, and now all we need is a great family like yours to make it extra fun! Be sure to check out The Little Gym’s Best Gym Party award in the August issue of Parents Magazine, now on newsstands! And online here: http://www.parents.com/fun/birthdays/ideas/top-10-birthday-chains-for-kid-birthday-parties/?page=2
Are you looking for a unique birthday adventure for your child?  Well, load up your backpack and head on over to The Little Gym!  Nickelodeon and The Little Gym have partnered to create "Dora the Explorer" themed birthday parties with a special storyline and music from the Emmy award-winning animated preschool series.
A Dora the Explorer Birthday Adventure at The Little Gym is the perfect way to make the big day extra special.  Your birthday child and their friends will have the entire facility to themselves to take part in a fun imaginative adventure with Dora and the whole explorer gang.  The birthday guests will help Dora overcome obstacles to find the Birthday Wands which they will use to fly to the top of Birthday Mountain!  During the adventure, they'll cross Crocodile Lake, jump and bounce through Isa's Flowery Garden, and more.  Along the way, the kids will encounter Tico the Squirrel, Swiper the Fox, and other friends from Dora's world.
In addition to leading the fun, The Little Gym team will handle everything from invitations to clean-up so you can rest easy and enjoy the fiesta!  Many dates and times are booked weeks in advance, so call today to reserve your celebration.  Let us help make this the most memorable milestone yet!
Each new year is a new opportunity to focus on making positive changes in your life.  While this is a great habit for everyone, it's especially important for parents.  Why?  Because the choices that you make not only benefit you, they have a direct effect on your child's health too!
Here are 3 parenting resolutions to consider in 2012:
1.  Instill a love for physical activity.  Physical activity provides coutless benefits.  So, it's important to help your child develop healthy habits at an early age.  In addition to gymnastics, The Little Gym has several physical activities for kids such as Sports Skills and Dance, which can help your child develop a love for an acitive lifestyle.
2.  Establish healthy eating habits.  Keep healthy, yummy snacks on hand and set an example for your child with your own food choices.  Plan low fat meals that follow the government's MyPlate guidelines and involve your children in meal planning and shopping.  This allows you to reinforce your child's healthy meal options and helps children discover new foods and flavors.
3.  Focus on your child's positive behaviors.  Like adults, children respond to favorable comments and adopt behaviors that gain them attention.  Try to get in the habit of catching yoru childre "at their best."  Providing encouragement for good behavior or for achievements in sports or other physical activities is a great way to motivate children to maintain good habits. 
While you help your children develop healthy habits, don't forget to make resolutions for your own health as well.  In fact, consider resolving to get some well-deserved "me" time this year.  Planning some time away from the kids should be considered a necessity rather than a luxury.  Plus, brief separations are beneficial for kids as well.  Time away helps foster a feeling of independence and builds bonds with other adults such as a grandma, favorite neighbor, or The Little Gym instructors.  And if you need a parents night out, our Parents' Survival Nights have got you covered!
As we start the New year, we're thrilled to have helped so many children in the Olney area develop an appreciation for fitness and fun with our kids gym classes.  We're still taking enrollments for students that want to join the second half of the 2011-2012 Season.  For more information, or to schedule a free introductory class, please contact Lynne or Keisha at 301-570-9310 today!
As I sit here at the front desk, I am listening to 3 veteran TLG parents talk to another parent who is visiting our facility for the 1st time...It's wonderful to actually here what they love about the program
It's a Funny Bugs class (3-4 yr olds)...
1.  They love that the instructors don't get stressed when the kids don't listen
2.  They love that it's ok if the kids wander, as long as they are safe
3.  They love that the instructors know how to handle different kids and different personalities
4.  They love that the instructors keep the kids engaged 100% of the time, there isn't any down time or waiting around!
5. They love that they are learning AND having fun!!
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