I’m not one to tell parents what to do.  Yes, we do give our two sense at The Little Gym when asked, and I believe we have some pretty good advice.  With all the advice we do give, I want every parent to know that we make ALL our decisions based on what we believe is in the BEST INTEREST of your child.  Now with that said, we aren’t talking about telling you how to raise your child.  What I am talking about is what we feel, based on building a supportive positive environment, can best help your child be the best that they can be.  In addition, how you as a paying customer can get the best experience and the most from your investment for your child at The Little Gym. 

We love your children.  If you asked any of my staff what they love most about their job, they would tell you a story about how cute, funny, wild and crazy (in a good way) your children have been.  They would also tell you that what they miss most, for instance when they go away to college, is the regularity of seeing their Little Gym friends.  So what I want to talk about today is how YOUR children might feel when they are old enough to go to pre-school. 

One of the biggest challenges for parents is when their children are old enough for pre-school.  Entering this first phase in their children’s education can be overwhelming, especially when juggling a job, home responsibilities and all the activities a family might have.  Over the years, we have seen many families juggle well.  On the other hand, we see many parents who become stressed out and pull their children from The Little Gym because they want their child to get used to the new routine.  The problem with altering one’s life in this way is that suddenly the comfortable routine gets replaced with a hectic routine where nothing is the same.  Please understand I have the utmost respect for all of your opinions.  However, it is our belief that if some part of a child’s life is being disrupted, that their should be something that stays the same, and we believe The Little Gym can serve as that COMFORT ZONE for this important transition.

So whether you have made the pre-school transition or you are about to embark on this important journey, we ask that you consider what The Little Gym means to your child and how it and my awesome staff can help keep life regular for your child.  We love your kids.  What better a place to maintain their COMFORT ZONE than The Little Gym!

Thanks for listening…. Dr. Evan

“Dr. Evan” Brody, owner of The Little Gym of Olney will be posting future blogs that emphasize the educational concepts of The Little Gym and how they may be applied to daily life.  We all welcome your feedback and thoughts and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your children’s life.