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10/10 May 20, 2017

No comment provided.

8/10 May 19, 2017

Some teachers are awesome, some are very so-so and there is no clear leadership structure to give feedback to have the awesome teachers stay and pass on the so-so ones. There is a new teacher filling in who has been very disappointing

10/10 May 16, 2017

The staff is one of a kind-so nice, energetic and all have a great attitude with the kids and parents.

7/10 May 15, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 5, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 4, 2017

No comment provided.

2/10 April 28, 2017

No comment provided.

8/10 April 27, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 April 24, 2017

We love little gym. My kids have fun in a safe and challenging environment and your staff are very enthusiastic

2/10 April 24, 2017

Teacher wasn't engaging - my daughter was never able to connect with her like she did with previous teachers. Facility didn't always appear clean. You could definitely tell who the "favorites" were in the group and several times they were disruptive to the rest of the group but went uncorrected. I really liked the actual classes/skills (my daughter too) and most of the staff was friendly but this most recent round of classes with my youngest didn't compare to what I had experienced a couple of years ago with my oldest (which is why we came back in the first place). Also had issues with being charged with classes I never authorized and then was given the runaround when I asked for a refund. Overall, unpleasant experience and I won't be back.

10/10 April 19, 2017

Love TLG of Narberth. Always on time, fun, and a friendly environment.

10/10 April 17, 2017

Fun, engaging, energetic; gets excess energy out. Teaches fitness indirectly--- kids don't know it's healthy, they just live it. Differentiated for the needs/ wants/ desires of the individual child. Non-competitive and nurturing.

10/10 April 15, 2017

Kids love it, very well organized and gets them stronger

10/10 March 15, 2017

No comment provided.

8/10 March 10, 2017

The room where Elias takes kinder music is very hot. The sun shines in through the windows, over warming the room and shining too brightly in Elias's eyes.

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