At The Little Gym of Lexington we know how important it is for children to build, gain, and radiate confidence. Here are 3 things we do in the gym that can be echoed at home: 1. Specific Positive Feedback (SPF). Rather than saying “good job” when your child has done something well, give them specific positive feedback on what was SO great about what they did. Words of praise mean more when they refer to a child’s specific efforts or new abilities. 2. Encourage and support your child in everything they do! Whether it is at home or at The Little Gym of Lexington, words of support and encouragement go a long way! 3. Trust your child and let them make decisions. This will allow your child to build their confidence knowing that you trust them enough to make decisions on their own! Confidence is key! Whether your child is at The Little Gym of Lexington or at home, it’s important to help your child gain the confidence they need to succeed in the future. This week’s Practice Times: Parent/Child Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30. Pre/K Mon 4:00-4:45; Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30; Fri 5:15-6:00. Grade School Mon 4:00-4:45; Fri 5:15-6:00. This week’s PSN: Jungle Adventure!
At The Little Gym of Lexington, we know that exercising provides serious benefits for kids of all ages. In fact, a study performed by The Journal of Pediatrics found that “promoting physical activity that involved aerobic exercise and motor tasks during the school years may be important not only for health, but also for successful academic development.” So how can you encourage your child to exercise? Get them involved in programs at The Little Gym of Lexington! Our parent/child programs for children 4 months-3 years encourage little ones to explore, gain independence, and try new kills. In Pre-K and Kindergarten programs for 3- 6 year olds, children are learning to listen and follow directions, cooperate and work in a group. And in grade-school programs for 6-12 year olds, children are strengthening their bodies, and gaining a whole lot of confidence! So if your child is not yet enrolled at The Little Gym of Lexington, call today and speak with a team member. The benefits of being active will help improve your child’s academic performance, social skills, health, and much more. We can’t wait to see you on the big red mat! This week’s Practice Times: Parent/Child Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30. Pre/K Mon 4:00-4:45; Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30; Fri 5:15-6:00. Grade School Mon 4:00-4:45; Fri 5:15-6:00. This week's PSN: Fantasy Castle!
Thank you to all of our members who attended our I Heart LEGO DUPLO build event on February 16th! We had a great time building with LEGO DUPLO bricks, building friendships, and most importantly having a whole lot of fun! Continue your child’s growth and love for LEGO DUPLO in The Little Gym of Lexington’s programs with LEGO building activities! “Let’s Build, Let’s Play” is a complimentary Parent/Child program designed for children 19 months to 3 years that will allow your child to expand their creative skills and improve their understanding of shapes and colors! These events will be held monthly, so stay tuned to our blog and facebook page for more details! In addition to our programs with LEGO DUPLO building, we encourage you and your child(ren) to build with LEGO products at home! Post a picture of your child building with their LEGO’s with the hashtag, #TheLittleGymLovesLEGO to show everyone what your child is building. For more information on The Little Gym of Lexington’s programs with LEGO building please contact us at 803.951.7235 and speak with a team member. We can’t wait to build with you! This week’s Practice Times: Parent/Child Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30. Pre/K Mon 4:00-4:45; Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30; Fri 5:15-6:00. Grade School Mon 4:00-4:45; Fri 5:15-6:00. This week's PSN: Transportation Fascination!
At The Little Gym of Lexington we know that good manners go a long way. But good manners aren’t something kids pick up naturally. Children need to be taught and reminded that having good manners is important all the time! So whether your child is at The Little Gym of Lexington, at home, at school, or on the playground, it’s important to instill good manners! Here are 4 manners that are on the top of our Good Manners list: 1. “Thank you.” Here at The Little Gym of Lexington we love hearing these words! When a child walks up to his or her instructor after class and says “thank you” our hearts are filled with so much joy! A simple “thank you” goes a long way. 2. “Excuse me.” We say this a whole lot at The Little Gym of Lexington. We make sure our little ones understand that it’s important to say “excuse me” when they bump into a friend or are trying to get by a fellow Funny Bug on the big red mat. 3. “Hello” and “Goodbye.” At The Little Gym of Lexington we instill this through our Hello & Goodbye songs in each class! It’s important to greet each child as they enter and leave the gym! 4. Showing kindness to EVERYONE. Being kind to others is SO important; at The Little Gym of Lexington we encourage every child to be kind to their friends, teachers, and parents too! When it comes to manners, practice makes perfect. It’s best to start wile your child is young. Let’s work together to ensure that every Citizen Kid has great manners! This week’s Practice Times: Parent/Child Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30. Pre/K Mon 4:00-4:45; Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30; Fri 5:15-6:00. Grade School Mon 4:00-4:45; Fri 5:15-6:00. This week's PSN: Under The Sea!
It starts with a sniffle—next thing you know, the whole household is sneezing, coughing, and passing tissues. Before long, the common cold, or worse, seasonal flu, is upon you. According to the CDC, up to 20% of the population gets the flu each year. The Mayo Clinic cites the common cold as the number one culprit of stay-home-sick-from-school days in children. While you can’t completely germ-proof your child, you can separate fact from fiction to keep your family healthier, and save time, money, and frustration. Start by putting some of the more common myths and misunderstandings to rest by reading about the top 3 cold and flu related myths. Myth #1: The flu vaccine causes the flu Truth: Getting a flu shot may cause symptoms that feel like the flu, but the viruses contained in the flu shots have been killed, or “inactivated,” which means they can’t cause infection. While there may be some achy side effects that can sometimes follow the flu shot, it just means your immune system is responding and processing the vaccine. Myth #2: You’re more likely to get sick if you’re cold Truth: Despite mom’s warnings that you should bundle up, being cold does not cause a cold. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, infections prevail in winter months because they are spread when more people stay indoors for longer periods of time and are in closer contact with one another. Myth #3: Hugging and kissing are great ways to spread cold and flu germs Truth: Cold and flu viruses like to enter the body through the nose or eyes, so a hug or a peck on the cheek isn’t likely to be dangerous. Don’t be afraid to give your sick child plenty of affection, and don’t worry that a kiss or a hug will spread your germs to him (or vice-versa). At The Little Gym of Lexington, we work hard to ensure each and every visit lives up to your expectations. Daily and weekly cleaning and sanitation helps keep our environment sparkly and keeps the germs away. Here’s where you can help! As with any other illness, we ask that you do not come to class if your child is coughing, sneezing, or has had a fever within the last 24 hours. Our generous make-up policy allows you to attend a make-up class by simply calling us prior to the absence. Let’s work together to keep everyone healthy during the cold winter months. This week’s Practice Times: Parent/Child Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30. Pre/K Mon 4:00-4:45; Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30; Fri 5:15-6:00. Grade School Mon 4:00-4:45; Fri 5:15-6:00. This week’s PSN: Sports Spectacular!
It may be cold outside but it’s nice and warm at The Little Gym of Lexington! As the winter lingers along, so do the cold temperatures and shorter days, which offer much less time to spend outdoors. Researchers suggest that children burn half as many calories in the winter months than in the summer due to a decrease in activity. Here at The Little Gym of Lexington it’s our main priority to encourage children to get and stay active no matter what the weather may be. How do we do it? By showing kids that getting active is FUN! Each week, we offer parents and kids “homework,” or as we call it, “Personal Outside Practice” or POPs. The POPs are designed to bring The Little Gym home with your child each week to encourage healthy children to get active each day. So whether you’re at home or at The Little Gym of Lexington, it’s important to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle every day of the week! Parents, we’d love to see pictures of you and your children doing your POPs at home. Post them on our facebook page or email them to us at tlglexingtonsc@thelittlegym.com! Don’t forget that we are always taking enrollments, so please consider joining us for classes if you don’t already. This is a great time of year to start a new, health-conscious routine with your children! This week’s Practice Times: - Monday 4:00-4:45 Pre/K & Grade School - Monday 6:15-6:45 Parent/Child & Pre/K - Wednesday 2:45-3:30 Parent/Child & Pre/K - Friday 5:15-6:00 Pre/K & Grade School This week’s PSN: Circus Adventure!
All of the children enrolled in the programs at The Little Gym of Lexington have made incredible progress this season; from boosting brain power, to strengthening new skills, to expanding confidence! Now it’s time to celebrate all of their success during Mid-Season Showcase! Mid-Season Showcase is a special performance that allows your child to proudly demonstrate the skills they have learned. So invite grandma, grandpa, and the entire family for this Serious Fun & special occasion! Mid-Season Showcase performances will occur during regular scheduled class times during the week of January 12th. Be sure to bring along your camera to capture precious moments of your Star during their performance! This week’s practice times: - Parent/Child: Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30 - Pre/K: Monday 4-4:45; Mon 6:15-6:45; Wed 2:45-3:30; Fri 5:15-6 - Grade School: Mon 4-4:45; Fri 5:15-6 This week's PSN: Mission to Mars!

All athletes start somewhere. Why not begin at The Little Gym? Whether your little champion becomes a team player or an enthusiastic fan, our new Sporty Beasts Parent/Child class will help get the ball rolling in the right direction!

Designed for children 2 -3 years old and their parents, Sporty Beasts provides an introduction to fundamental sports skills with an emphasis on soccer, t-ball, basketball and ball handling activities. You and your child will practice skills to improve hand-eye and foot-eye coordination like throwing, catching, and kicking. All the while, a nurturing atmosphere and fun games will set the stage for a future full of positive athletic experiences!

Let’s get the games started over at The Little Gym starting August 2014. We can’t wait to get the ball rolling!

Please remember that the 2013-2014 Season Classes will resume on January 6th. We would love to have your little ones ages 3 years-12 years join us for our Holiday Camps! The Little Gym of Lexington will be closed on December 24th and 25th for the Christmas Holiday and on January 1st to celebrate New Year's Day. We hope you have a wonderful holiday and we will see you all in the new year!
We will be closed today for Labor Day. If you have class on Monday, please schedule a makeup class. Have a great day with your family!
Just a friendly reminder that The Little Gym will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th. Classes and Camps will resume on Thursday, July 5th.
We wish you a fun and safe Independence Day!

Each New Year is a new opportunity to focus on making positive changes in your life. While this is a great habit for everyone, it’s especially important for parents. Why? Because the choices that you make not only benefit you, they have a direct effect on your child’s health, too!


Here are 3 parenting resolutions to consider for 2012:


1.       Instill a love for physical activity. Physical activity provides countless benefits. So, it’s important to help your child develop healthy habits at an early age. In addition to gymnastics, The Little Gym has several physical activities for kids, such as Sports Skills and Dance, which can help your child develop a love for an active lifestyle.


2.       Establish healthy eating habits. Keep healthy, yummy snacks on hand and set an example for your child with your own food choices. Plan low fat meals that follow the government's MyPlate guidelines and involve your children in meal planning and shopping. This allows you to reinforce your child’s healthy meal options and helps children discover new foods and flavors.


3.       Focus on your child's positive behaviors. Like adults, children respond to favorable comments and adopt behaviors that gain them attention. Try to get in the habit of catching your children “at their best.” Providing encouragement for good behavior or for achievements in sports or other physical activities is a great way to motivate children to maintain good habits.


While you help your children develop healthy habits, don’t forget to make resolutions for your own health as well. In fact, consider resolving to get some well-deserved “me” time this year. Planning some time away from the kids should be considered a necessity rather than a luxury. Plus, brief separations are beneficial for kids as well. Time away helps foster a feeling of independence and builds bonds with other adults such as grandma, a favorite neighbor, or The Little Gym instructors. And if you need a parents night out, our Parents’ Survival Nights have got you covered!


As we start the New Year, we’re thrilled to have helped so many children in the Lexington area develop an appreciation for fitness and fun with our kids gym classes.  We’re still taking enrollments for students that want to join for the second half of the 2011-2012 Season. For more information, or to schedule a free introductory class, please contact a team member at 951-7235 today!



Teeth are chattering, jackets are zipping, and hot cocoas are pouring.

It’s definitely getting colder out there, but here at The Little Gym of Lexington, kids are staying toasty warm. Their bodies are in motion and their minds are too.

Kids in The Little Gym Parent/Child classes are exploring their worlds, gaining independence and trying new skills.

The structured lessons of our Pre-K gymnastics programs are helping kids with listening skills and following directions while also emphasizing balance and coordination.

Our Kindergarten level gymnastics kids are learning to work in groups and cooperate because we know controlling emotions is as important as body control and agility.

All the Flips, Twisters and Aerials of our Grade School Gymnastics programs are strengthening their bodies and getting a springboard (pun intended) of confidence.

Plus, our Dance kids are twirling like snowflakes, Sports Skills kids are improving arm strength for throwing snowballs, and our Karate students are practically chopping firewood with their bare hands (okay, a slight exaggeration).

Don’t forget - We also two more days of Winter Camp on Friday and Saturday. And if you want to squeeze in a date night, we will now have Parents’ Survival Nights EVERY Friday night starting in January.

‘Til next time,

Your friends in fitness, fun and fundamentals at The Little Gym of Lexington.

Join The Little Gym Birthday Club and you will receive:
-- $15 off an Awesome Birthday Bash at The Little Gym
-- Special offers and coupons
-- Invitations to exclusive Birthday Club events
-- Be the first to know about all The Little Gym events
Email the following information to us at tlglexingtonsc@thelittlegym.com - Parent Name, Child Name, Child Birthday, Address, Phone and Email.
You will receive your $15 off coupon for an Awesome Birthday Bash via email the month before your child's birthday.
1. Check our website for the class that works best with your schedule.
2. Call the gym to ask about availability and get the pricing to finish out the 2011-2012 Season.
3. Come to your first class and have lots of SERIOUS FUN!
4. Enroll for the rest of the Season!
Our Anytime, Summertime Camps offer hours of fun and activity. The specially developed camp curriculum is designed around themes such as “Fantasy Castle” or “Wild West” and combines physical fitness, gymnastics and play with arts and crafts and special events. Camps are for children ages 3-8 years old and are available Monday through Friday for 3 hours each day. Choose the days and weeks that fit your schedule or purchase a 5, 10 or 20 day flex pass and use them for when it works best for you! It’s the perfect break for kids – and parents – during the long summer months. Camps are available to both The Little Gym members and non-members.
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