REMINDER: We will be having classes Monday-Wednesday only this week.  If your class is normally on Thursday & Saturday, we'll see you on January 2nd and 4th at our new location!  During the winter break, please encourage your child to stay active and work on their personal outside practice (POP)!  Parents, don't forget if you need a few hours to yourself, children ages 3 and up can join us for camps during the winter break.  Call us for availability!
Have a blessed holiday season!!
Every time your child attends class at The Little Gym, they conquer new challenges and gain new levels of confidence. In Parent/Child classes, we celebrate these moments as they happen. But once your child is ready to attend class on their own, you may not know about all of the big and little victories they achieve each week. Now we’ve made it even easier to track your child’s progress and celebrate together! This Season will be full of new feats, new friends, and newfound self-confidence. From “Continental Cartwheels” to “Cooperation Station,” each themed, multi-week Learning Unit will lead to a natural progression of skills, helping your child grow into a well-rounded, well-adjusted super kid! Along the way, we’ll track the skills your child has worked on and their personal progress. Whether it’s your preschooler’s first unassisted forward roll or the first time your grade-schooler demonstrates teamwork, each one is a victory worth celebrating. And we can’t wait to celebrate with you every step of the way! The new Season starts August 19th! Call today to enroll!
Very, Very, Soon...We'll be OPEN in Southpoint Crossing!

We are putting the final finishing touches on the new gym at Southpoint Crossing.  We can't wait for you all to see it!  Our plan is to start making the move this Thursday!!! Our team will be hard at work getting the gym ready, set and good-to-go for our campers, which is super exciting!  We will send reminders to all campers as they join us for their winter break adventures.  
For those who will be joining us for classes after the holidays...we'll send you email reminders about our new location as well. Happy holidays and see you in January!
Happy Handstands,
The Little Gym Team
The Little Gym
"Home is Where the Heart Is"
Durham & Chapel Hill, NC      November 8,  2013
Dear Friends and Valued Members of The Little Gym Family:

It has often been said that "home is where the heart is"...and our heart tells us that our "home"- our gym, could use a refresh.  After 16 years in our current gym, we are excited to tell you that The Little Gym is moving to a brand new location just a few minutes away in Southpoint Crossing.

You are going to love all the awesome upgrades we have planned!  The new facility will feature an extended window wall so you can see your child better throughout class; fresh paint and wall accents that are kid-friendly and create a fun, happy environment; an expanded lobby area with upgraded finishes to make your visit more comfortable; and a super-cool, high-tech retractable window wall for the multi-purpose room that maximizes space for classes and parties.  Plus, you're going to appreciate the convenient access to interstate 40 and highway 54, proximity to Southpoint Mall with tons of dining and shopping options, a grocery store right next door, and lots of parking!   Our new "home" will be move-in ready in 6-8 weeks.  Keep an eye out for a communication and design board in the lobby so you can follow our progress through the entire construction process, and be sure to follow our progress on Facebook.

We are excited about this big step forward in our mission to be the best place for your child to play, learn, and grow.  And as we make that step, you can count on the same great, beneficial program, and excellent member services you have come to know and trust, delivered by a highly-qualified and kid-focused team of teachers.  While a shiny, new facility will make a positive difference, it's the smiles and laughter of the kids and the WOW moments we create together every week that's at the heart of The Little Gym.  For that, we are thankful and grateful to you for being a part of this heart-warming adventure!


Sneha and Jag Atwal
New Gym Location:

202 W NC Hwy 54, at the corner of Hwy 54 and Fayetteville Rd.

email:   web:

At The Little Gym, our training schedule is an integral part of our operations. You can be assured that the teachers who are interacting with and leading your children in class each week are trained to The Little Gym International Standards.  While a majority of our training focuses on teaching the best classes with detailed curriculum, there is always an overarching spotlight on safety.  We want our teachers to feel confident teaching skills and progressions in the gym while knowing what to do in case of emergencies.  With that in mind, we just renewed our certifications for First Aid and CPR through the American Heart Association. 

  A big thanks to Pam Pease from Wake Tech for delivering a very informative and engaging training experience for our teachers, parents and community members who joined us in class.  Practice equals preparedness, and now we are  equipped with the skills to help someone in an emergency. 
Training is an ongoing process, and our The Little Gym team will be attending a training bootcamp in November in Burlington, NC with other area gyms.  The topic this time will be about how to bring the class curriculum elements to life and make your child's experience totally MAGICAL.  Hurray for education at all stages in life!

Happy Handstands,



First, Holiday Camp Registration - now open to the public!
We are going to have so much fun during the holiday break with all our camp kiddos!  There is a new theme every day - so something new to explore and learn at each camp.  Every camp includes gym time, crafts, and a snack...all in a warm and familiar environment for your child!  Reminder:  Camps are only being offered in the mornings (9 AM - Noon) and this year we've added weekend camp days to help you get your shopping done!
Second, Check out our "Let's Build Let's Play" Event for Beasts and Super Beasts the week of November 18th!
We are adding a new complimentary benefit for members who are enrolled in Beasts and Super Beasts. The "Let's Build, Let's Play" event is an opportunity to get on the floor and get creative with your little one using Lego/Duplo bricks. Try it and tell us what you think. We would love to get your feedback!  Beast and Super Beast parents - look for an invite in your email. RSVP to register since space is limited.
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