From Coordination to Cooperation

Whether your child grows up to become an active team player, a weekend athlete or an enthusiastic fan, The Little Gym of Albuquerque Sports Skills Development classes pave the way for a lifetime of positive sports experiences by offering a solid grounding in the expertise, rules and strategies of team sports. Throughout the Core Season and Summer Session, our trained coaches run drills and simulated games for many popular sports including soccer, baseball, basketball, football, hockey and golf. Through fun and creative lesson plans, your child will also gain an understanding of teamwork and sportsmanship. And thatʼs a home run in any parentʼs playbook.

Three-Dimensional Learning

Get MovingGet Moving! Understanding of fundamental skills for a range of team sports, increased hand-eye and eye-foot coordination, improved strength and agility

Brain BoostBrain Boost! Understanding complex games and multi-step processes to achieve a goal, listening skills as prep for preschool and kindergarten

Citizen KidCitizen Kid! Active group participation and teamwork, expressing and managing emotions, learning the concept of sportsmanship, developing self-confidence

We offer two energetic classes to develop sports skills for kids:

  • Mini Jacks: 3 – 4 years
  • Cracker Jacks: 4 – 6 years