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10/10 May 14, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 11, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 10, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 6, 2017

Everything! The instructors are wonderful and really care about the kids. It's a fun,happy place!

10/10 May 6, 2017

Everything! The kids have so much fun and are constantly praised no matter what their skill level.

10/10 April 27, 2017

I love the energetic staff. They get to know my son and they are always genuinely happy.

4/10 April 25, 2017

My son was very enthusiastic initially about going to the gym; however, he began sleeping in and the Little Gym did not have any spots open for later classes. He then developed a foot fungus (the doctor believed from the Gym since he was not in daycare and did not attend any other classes at other places) and missed a lot of classes after multiple treatments failed to rid the fungus. In addition, after a staff member failed to acknowledge his birthday after having the class sing to another attendee, I expressed my son's disappointment to the owner/manager, who wrote a very lengthy and rather aggressive e-mail in return, schooling me on my parenting abilities (or lack thereof). She eventually, after several exchanges, apologized for the incident, but I never felt the same about the Little Gym after.

10/10 April 24, 2017

The teachers! They are warm, friendly, caring, engaging, flexible, and professional! They help my daughter challenge herself while always staying safe.

10/10 April 21, 2017

They are attentive to children's needs, using multiple methods to teach them various physical, intellectual and social lessons. I see my child's development visibly accelerating because of his Little Gym experience.

10/10 April 21, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 April 20, 2017

Wonderful staff and wonderful programs for kids. I started both my girls before they could walk and now st ages 5 & 7 they still love it!

10/10 April 19, 2017

No comment provided.

7/10 April 19, 2017

I think all kids are special but I do see a little favoritism in my Granddaughters class (Briana Teagle). I would also like to see more explanation to the little people on how to use the equipment as well. overall the instructors are good but could use a little more training. Thanks, Theresa Robinson

10/10 April 15, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 April 13, 2017

No comment provided.

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