Registration Extravaganza Luau Party is THIS Friday, 6-8 PM.
Come dressed in your best Hawaiian outfit. Grass skirts optional. We will play in the gym, eat snacks, build with Lego, do a craft and register for the upcoming school year season.
Season begins Aug. 31!
Can't make it to the party? No worries, Mate. Call NOW and we can enroll your child right over the phone. 215-886-3300. Not sure which class to choose? No worries Mate. Simply choose a class now and then it's a simple click in the computer to switch him/her into another class once the season begins. When you come to the party, you will receive a super fun Swag Bag of TLG goodies!
Last 2 weeks of summer camp going on NOW! The Race to Outer Space is Aug. 17-21 and Secret Agent Gyms Bond is Aug. 24-28. A few spots are still available. Call NOW!

The Little Gym Big Hearts has partnered with SeriousFun Children's Network. Founded by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, SeriousFun Children's Network is a global community of camps and programs that serve children coping with serious illnesses and their families. Over the next few years The Little Gym has pledged to carry out global events to help support and bring awareness to this amazing organization. Those events start now with our first event, #FlipsForSeriousFun!

We're asking all of our family, friends, and fans of The Little Gym of (insert name) to help raise awareness and money by flipping for SeriousFun! Here's how:

1. Take a photo or video of your flip: Log Rolls, Hair Flips, being flipped upside down, wearing flip-flops…just be creative and safe!

2. Share it on Social Media! Visit our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get started!

3. Support the campaign by making a single or recurring donation today! Click here to donate to our The Little Gym of Abington donation page now!

If you're feeling extra brave, tell your friends that for every "like" you get you will donate $1.00 to SeriousFun Children's Network! Donations can be made to the same link as above.

4. Challenge friends to do the same!

Thank you in advance for helping us bring awareness to SeriousFun Children's Network we can't wait to see your #FlipsForSeriousFun!